Relax and Unwind

This is what my Morning looks like. A hot epsom salt bath with a good audio book and some detox tea. I woke up this morning with a massive migraine. Why?? Because I didn’t take care of myself yesterday and have been pushing my body to the limits. Lack of sleep is another one of my triggers. So it is time to detox.

I am listening to a book that is helping me to realize that I am worth it. I need to learn that my needs are as important as the others needs around me. Also that in order to add value to people you have to make yourself more valuable. That means personally develop myself. I need to Refresh!

Epsom salt is good for your muscles and it calms your body and your mind. I combine 2 different ones. The lavender and the peppermint help my headache as well as revitalizes and refreshes my mind. The chamomile comforts and calms at the same time. The hot water and the tea helps release those toxins that have taken residence in my body. I can feel them exiting my body. It helps me become more in tune with my body. I will stretch when i get out and use the foam roller to roll out the rest that are hiding in my joints.

Detoxing doesn’t have to mean that you have to starve yourself and feel like poo. There is a better way. If you want help detoxing the right way I can help 


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