5 Myths about exercise & using weights : BUSTED!

So as everyone knows I am a believer in finding exercise solutions that work best for YOU and for your body. All too often though, I hear people make assumptions based on things that they have heard from others. OR they tried something and maybe just didn’t do it correctly so it “didn’t work” for them. People get so Caught up in their own limiting beliefs that it stops them from even trying.

When it comes to creating the sculpted lean feminine body that I desire, I personally believe in a whole food well balanced portion controlled diet without belief that certain foods are “evil” but rather that you can enjoy all things in moderation and with self control. This of course does not pertain to people with certain restrictions due to allergies or health conditions. When it comes to exercise, I believe in a healthy combo of cardio, weights, and athletic sports performance training (HITT, PLYO, SPEED, AGILITY, TABATA, Etc.) That is what works for ME!

Each person is different and their bodies respond differently. That is why I also believe that not all fitness programs are cut out for everyone. Not all diets work for everyone.  “But it worked for my friend, so it has to work for me too”.   Not true! I do believe that there IS something for everyone. We just need to help you find what that is. Hopefully that makes sense to you.


So lets talk about the most COMMON Myths that I hear when I speak to clients:

Myth #1.

If I want to lose weight I have to go on some crazy diet where I am starving and only eat chicken and vegetables and have to do hours on a Tredmill or stair climber.

FACT: Traditional aerobic training only burns fat. If you combine it with weight training (body weight included) you will get a double whammy effect. You will shed the fat & develop lean muscle so you will shape and tone faster. You will get the best results by lifting weights and watching what you eat. You can’t outrun a bad diet. You can work out for hours and weight train but then eat a cheeseburger and fries. If you did, you just played for the tie. Food Doesn’t have to be boring. Just check out my recipes. You can eat very flavorful foods and still enjoy some favorites every now and then if you focus on learning proper nutrition for YOUR needs and your taste buds. I happen to LOVE finding ways to clean up family favorites and comfort foods.




Myth #2

But I don’t want to use weights because lifting weights will make me bulk up. I don’t want to look huge.

Fact: Trust me, You WILL NOT get huge or bulky if you follow the proper guidelines for YOUR goals. If you want to get HUGE then you lift BIG and heavy using low reps and HEAVY weights. You also eat a lot more. BUT if your goal is to build lean muscle and have that feminine yet tone body look, You just don’t Go BIG and lift heavy. You use a wight that is right for you. You use a rep effect where you do a higher number of reps with a lower wight to maximize your strength without overbuilding the muscles. You also still have to eat more & more often throughout the day. I can handle that. I mean I like food. Don’t you? LOL Just eat more of the proper foods and in the proper portions and amount suitable for your goals and your activity level. Muscle is Critical in boosting Metabolism. You want your Metabolism to be KICKIN so you can crush calories even while you aren’t working out and maximize fat loss. That is why lifting weights is essential to getting that long lean sculpted look you desire. That also means stretching after your lift and workout as well. DON’T SKIP IT!



Myth #3

But I do cardio 4-5 days a week for an hour. That’s the best way to burn the far and calories.

FACT: “No, Don’t put me down for Cardio”. TRUST ME… I HATE CARDIO just as much as the next person but you know what really made me mad was when I discovered that all these years, I had been spending so much time on the stair master and the elliptical, I could have been burning more calories in half the time doing a unconventional type of cardio training.

It is TRUE that cardio exercise burns a lot of calories, BUT with conventional cardio training, You stop burning calories when you stop working out. When you add in weight training or body weight training to the cardio, You keep burning calories long after your workout has finished. Try it. Keep your HR monitor and Calorie counter running after you do a weighted cardio workout and watch how many calories you burn in just 15 minutes. It may even be more than what you burned during your workout. The fancy term for this is EPOC (Excess post exercise oxygen consumption) but it basically just means that you will boost your metabolism and burn more calories when you do a weighted or strength training cardio. Ditch the elliptical momma and save some of your time for your to do list or a little extra “YOU-TIME”, Just saying.



Myth #4

I have to go to the gym because I like the machines. The Machines are better for strength training then just using free weights, barbells or my body weight.

FACT: I have never been in better shape and I don’t use a single machine. Fancy Gym equipment may be more comfortable and maybe even make things seen “easier”. they may even look shiny and all professional but as far as performance goes… YOU DON’T NEED IT! Machines simply isolate the muscle, so you are not getting any combined synergy from all that effort. And I mean, Look at Rocky and all those awesome athletes who train in the dingy dark down and dirty gyms. They used free wights their body weights and anything that they could pick up as a weight, or a punching bag, LOL. Using free weights and barbells and your body weight forces you to use ALL your body’s stabalizer muscles at the same time as you are working the specific muscle group. You are “getting more bang for your buck” Or sweat that is. You are not just exercising the muscles that are lifting the weights but also the surrounding muscles as well as your core and abs…AND more often then not your glutes. And who doesn’t want to work their glutes as often as possible. I know I won’t mind if my booty get a little ore high and tight while I work on my arms, RIGHT? It takes more energy to do that which helps you use more oxygen burn more calories, boost that metabolism and get you closer to the goal look and feeling you are working for.

Also, If you are willing to put up the investment and get a nice set of free weights, a stability ball or a bench, maybe a few other things to add to your home, You will spend LESS than you would on a gym membership in the long run and Spend less time on your workout by doing it at home. You cut out the drive time, the time it takes to get settled and ready to work. You don’t have to wait in line for your turn or throw off your routine. Unless your gym is 5 minutes away, you would be done and in the shower by the time you even lifted your first weight at your gym. Don’t know what to do at home without a trainier…I can help you with that. Plus, there are many options for online trainers and streaming works these days.


Myth #5

I had a baby and I just will never have my per baby body back.

FACT: YES, You can have your pre-baby body back. Now, If you have loose skin and stretch marks, there are ways to work with that and it may take longer, but we are talking about JUST the weight, size and tone of your body. THAT you can work with. First, Be PROUD of the woman that you are and the amazing body that you DO HAVE! Be proud of the Tiger stripes you earned to bring those little miracles into the world. YOU ARE A SUPER WOMAN! Work to treat your body well. It takes TIME to heal. Give yourself GRACE but also do the work. Don’t let limiting beliefs of and the idea that you had a baby so you have to have a “mombod” hold you back. What is a “mombod”. Everyone has their own ideals on this topic. Ultimately, If you want to get into your NEW RADIANT YOU BOD, you have to work for it. Add weights into your routine (make sure you are cleared to workout if you just had a baby, like yesterday, and start slow. Okay not yesterday but you know what I mean). Eat well, and often. Get yourself the accountability and support of a community of women just like you with similar goals. Work with a Health Coach to help you set realistic goals for YOU and help you get set up with a program based on your goals. Here’s the deal, It is your choice and your actions will need to match up to YOUR goals. You brought life into this world. Pregnancy & Childbirth are not for the weak. And neither is sculpting the body you desire, inside and out. “I’m bringing sexy back” Are you singing it too? You know you are. You are strong, beautiful, and radiant on the inside. My guess is, you are on the outside too, you just need to allow all that to shine through and feel good about YOU and the progress that you make towards YOUR goals everyday.


Check out my girl Elyse.  She had a baby less than a year ago and she is CRUSHING it doing exactly what we talked about above.



Now go out there and make it happen. If you need someone to talk you through where to start or restart Just tap that Contact me button and I am here for you Girl!


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