Dare to Fail Greatly…Achieve Greatly

Have you ever had those days where you just feel like you have failed at everything you have tried to do and you just want to crawl into bed and go to sleep so you can start over the next day?? Or maybe you feel like you don’t want to start over. I know I have these days at times. I get so frustrated when things just do not go as planned and I feel like I am failing those that I am supposed to be helping.  It is hard to not let the little things effect you emotionally when you get knocked down but I am a firm believer in that It is not the actual act of failing at something that determines if you will succeed. It is the getting back up that defines you and it is how well you get back up that moves you along your road to success. So Dare to FAIL greatly! If you fail then you are learning. If you are not failing then you are not moving forward. It is when you dare to fail greatly that you achieve greatly! HAVE A GREAT NIGHT!!


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