Simple Steps to Flatter Abs

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A topic that my personal training clients and I have been talking about lately is how to cut the belly fat. What are some ways that you cut belly fat? For me I always see a difference when I clean up what I am eating. What does this mean? It is making the healthy swaps for the everyday items that you already have in your fridge. It is also looking at the quality of foods, coloring your plate, and making sure that you are eating balanced nutrient rich meals with leafy greens, lean proteins, with healthy fats and yes proper carbs. Your body needs them so do not cut them out completely. The soda must go, and so does the fast food. Pack healthy options instead. Drink a ton of water daily and 30 minutes before you eat your meals. Get more sleep and manage your stress to reduce the cortisol levels in your body. You can get far by cleaning up your diet but to take it to the max you need to get up and get moving. Try to get in at least 10-30 minutes of exercise a day. If it is short in time then make it count! Adding weight bearing workouts will help you get results faster. Don’t focus on just your abs either. You want to focus on your core as a whole.  Be ready…make a plan and set realistic goals for yourself…Start today!!

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