Need motivation and support to workout and eat clean?

Accountability is KEY!

I myself started this journey in an accountability group for the ultimate reset. I had just had my 2nd child, my daughter, and I was desperate to lose the baby weight. I had been eating whatever I wanted for months and was struggling to eat clean. I also had not worked out in about 6 months. I had pre term labor issues and was restricted so finding the motivation with a newborn and a 4 year old at home was non existent. Then My Coach asked me to join her challenge group and I was hooked. I became a coach and I lost 11 lbs and 18 inches in just 21 days. Not only did I create healthier habits but I created so many friendships with many people that I may have otherwise never met before. It was truly incredible. I have a large group of people from all walks of life, all shapes and size, each on separate journeys working together in an online support (accountability) group. We run monthly challenges where you have the opportunity to earn prizes but most of all have fun, get support, and achieve the ideal shape for YOU and maintain it. It was great to log our meals and workouts daily and keep a record of how far we have come and our goals. We are a little fit family. We ALL need SUPPORT.  It is so nice having someone else going through the same struggles and cheering you on at the same time. Of Course you can get results on your own if you workout and eat well consistently. It is so much more fun and much easier to do when you add ACCOUNTABILTY and Support. Soing it together will make you feel like you are a part of something. Something amazing a movment that will make fitness and healthy eating a lifestyle and not just “something your into” right now.

That’s the magic of Beachbody. People need people, and with my Challenge Groups for accountability you WILL cross the goal line. And you’ll do so linking arms with those who ran the race with you! 

Add my accountability group and meet 100+ new friends on the same journey as you!!

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