Be Committed and Keep Changing it Up

Good Morning Facebook! Achieving a healthy lifestyle means committing to a healthy lifestyle and giving yourself 100%. You can’t expect to workout for 1 week and get the same results as you will see in 4 weeks of being fully committed. I believe people need to find something that they can do more than once. I usually get bored if I do the same workout everyday. That is why I have so many DVD’s and a workout journal that holds every workout that I have ever done…lol…no seriously, I have one. The idea is changing it up so your muscles don’t get bored and used to the same exercises. When you start something new you see results in your body and how you feel right?? If you do the same thing, after a while you start to plateau, and you don’t get the same results that you were getting so….Keep changing it up. Have options and do different workouts everyday…Get results



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