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Elf Spaghetti

Did you know that Santa’s elves have a favorite dinner? Elf spaghetti is what they always choose to eat on Christmas Eve. It has their favorite colors – green & red. Add some yummy mozzarella snowballs right on top!   Add in some ground turkey, chicken, or lentils for protein.  This red and green meal is[…]

Roasted Corn Quinoa Salad

This is one of my go-to recipes to prep ahead when I know I have a busy week planned.  this recipe can be made in bulk and refrigerated for a quick grab and go lunches, snack, and dinners.   I originally found it at a grocery store in the deli section while stopping for lunch during[…]

Tips to Navigate Your Way Through a Healthy Thanksgiving

::::: Tips to help you Battle the Bulge :::::: ENJOY YOURSELF THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Did you know the average American adult gains between 5-10lbs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day?   I used to be one of them.   Not this year and neither will you. Just because I said “used to”, doesn’t mean that[…]

Holiday Health Bet

  Nov. 20th – Dec. 31st   Bet on Yourself this Holiday Season. Are you looking for some support with keeping up your healthy lifestyle this holiday season.  Staying the course is all about making a commitment to yourself to make the modifications in your choices, thoughts, and actions when it comes to your food[…]

Natural Exercise Supplement – Tart Cherry Juice

    Did you know that Cherry Juice is a Natural Exercise supplement? YUP!! I love Cherries and the tart flavor. So this is good news for me and for all of you that don’t want to take supplements in powdered or pill form. I have been suffering with Inflammation issues and went out seeking[…]

5 Myths about exercise & using weights : BUSTED!

So as everyone knows I am a believer in finding exercise solutions that work best for YOU and for your body. All too often though, I hear people make assumptions based on things that they have heard from others. OR they tried something and maybe just didn’t do it correctly so it “didn’t work” for[…]

Blueberry Almond Protein Pancakes

These may just be my FAVORITE protein pancake recipe I have made to date.  They are so delicious and the ingredients are interchangeable to change the flavor.  Meaning Substitute the blueberries for cut strawberries or peaches.  So yummy.  I think adding a little bacon to this would also be AMAZING!!! When I first saw this[…]

Red Velvet Cupcakes For The Clean Eater

Do you love Red velvet cake? How about cupcakes? I seriously LOVE cupcakes and doughnuts.  They are a weakness for sure.  I have always enjoyed a good red velvet cake as well but I know it isn’t always the best choice.  So, I found a way to make them a little more guilt free, however,[…]

Valentine’s Day Faves

Valentine’s Day is coming so I put together a list of a few of the things that I use on the regular when it comes to my workouts, fitness fashion, and function.  Grab something fabulous for yourself or someone else off the list!  Happy Shopping.  Let me know what some of your faves are!  There[…]

Zucchini Gratin Skillet Bake!

I have a fun recipe for you all to try. It’s so delish. It’s a Zucchini skillet Bake. If I make it again I will add tomatoes. Maybe even some chicken for a full meal. Here’s the recipe: Zucchini Gratin Skillet Bake 2 medium zucchini squash (1 Yellow 1 Green), sliced into thin rounds 1[…]

Tip for Long Term Success

Give Up The Short-term Mindset “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West Successful people set long-term goals, and they know these aims are merely the result of short-term habits that they need to do every day. These healthy habits shouldn’t be something you do; they should[…]

Maximize The Calories You Burn

Are you maximizing your Calories Burned? Are you cutting off a number of calories you COULD be burning? Did you know that your body continues to burn calories AFTER you finish your workout IF you allow you body to cool down, lower your heart rate and finish sweating.  Usually, 20-30 minutes after you are done. IT[…]

Hearty Beef & Veggie Stew

This is a family Christmas Tradition but it suits for Cold weather days as well.  My kids LOVE this stew which is a WIN since it is packed with veggies and they EAT THEM!!! Parenting WIN! My kids aren’t that picky as is but when they ask for seconds and 3rds… Momma is happy.  It[…]

Band Workouts!

Band Workouts…Totally effective and just as tough. Make sure you have a band that has the correct amount of resistance for YOUR strength level and goals. Yes there are different kinds. I will put the link to the one I use below. This move is a lot more tough than it looks. Wrap the band[…]


OMG OMG!! THAT JUST HAPPENED!!! I ran for 20 minutes STRAIGHT!!!! Y’all I hate to run. I mean HATE IT. But I challenged myself to start learning. I suck at it. I couldn’t run from here to the stop sign without wanting to pass out. But over the last 2.5 months I have trained my body[…]

H.E.A.T Workout!

I am still deciding on what program to follow so I decided to take it back to an old school H.E.A.T workout today. Give it a shot! Ask questions below. Depending on your speed and conditioning…the amount of time t takes you will vary. Give yourself 30 seconds to a minute in between sets. Your[…]

Dumbbell Fly Leg Raises

This move is great for the entire core. Use a lighter weight and do 3 sets of 15. You do NOT need a bench. You can do this on the floor. Keep your back flat against the floor or bench and breathe out as you lower your arms and legs.

Candy Cane Shakeology!

Holiday Superfood Shake for Lunch. A good way to help tray on track during he holidays is to make healthy choices when there isn’t a party or gathering. A shake with the proper nutrition will help fill you up, reduce cravings and fuel your body. This one was delish! Candy Cane Shakeology.