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Band Workouts!

Band Workouts…Totally effective and just as tough. Make sure you have a band that has the correct amount of resistance for YOUR strength level and goals. Yes there are different kinds. I will put the link to the one I use below. This move is a lot more tough than it looks. Wrap the band[…]

Dumbbell Fly Leg Raises

This move is great for the entire core. Use a lighter weight and do 3 sets of 15. You do NOT need a bench. You can do this on the floor. Keep your back flat against the floor or bench and breathe out as you lower your arms and legs.

Bicycle Crunch Raises

Add a little extra to your bicycle crunches. Try to make the lift and the recline as smooth as possible. It works the entire core at once. Do 3 sets of 10. Its killer. Share this with your friends or on your timeline for later as a reminder! Comment below when you try it and[…]


FROG BURPEES!!! 🐸🐸🐸OMG…my booty is SORE today. Stay low and keep your feet wide. Squeeze your glutes as you get back into the frog squat. 3 sets of 20 are all you need.  

Squat Lunge Twists

This little move was part of my workout this morning before I left. Squat low and try to keep your knees and hips in line with each other. ┬áTurn your body to one side and then back to the center. Then turn to the opposite side and then back to center. 3 sets of 12.[…]

Want To Learn How To Do A Handstand?

Want to learn how to do a handstand? I am asked all the time how to learn. Or I hear people say they wish they could do one. It’s all about shoulder strength and stability as well as understanding how to control the inner core. Here is my best advice on how to start to[…]

Box Jumps!

Box jumps! In practice I could not do more than 36. Adrenalin kicked in and I got all 50!!! 40.09 was my time. PR is 34.6 but I am so happy to have finished. I got the jitters and just prayed for God to clear my mind, relax my body, help me focus on Him[…]

Tri Fitness Challenge Obstacle Course

Obstacle course run #2. I MADE IT!! I didn’t fall, I don’t hurt myself (aside from ripped hands), I didn’t puke, and I didn’t gas out. The end was my favorite part! For the first time ever, I finished strong through the end. 9 seconds off my PR of 50 secs. Monkey bars and the[…]

Tri Fitness Challenge Shuttle Run

Shuttle run done and only missed 2 bags. Not a completely clean run and not my PR but 34.21 seconds was the time! I’ll take it! I ran The TruGrit obstacle course for the first time ever and completely forgot to take the 2 35lb plates with me when I sprinted so I lost some[…]

Lateral Lunges

Working on sculpting the legs and booty today. Hammer and Chisel Glute workout is my fav. Here are the Lateral Lunges. You can use a towel or a ball under the foot. For added difficulty I lift the leg at the hip. Keep the weight in your heels and pull up through your center to[…]


Pre prepped MASON JAR SALADS are my go to lunch this week. So easy to prep in just a short period of time. Here’s what I added in this week: Power Greens Yellow and red bell peppers Cucumbers Carrots Cherry Tomatoes Avocado Topped with: Green Goddess dressing 1/2 lemon fresh squeezed juice Punch of Himalayan[…]

Back Tuck Burpees!

I was challenged by my husband to do just TWO of these back tuck burpees that he saw floating around Facebook. He called me out more than once and he texted me to ask me where the video attempt was…lol…so…HERE GOES…didn’t bite it. Lol

Do You Struggle With Back Fat?

Do you struggle with back fat? This is the part of my body that JUST WON’T change. Maybe it’s because I like cookies and salt and vinegar chips too much. Lol. Or maybe it’s because I was born with spinabifida and have broken my back more than once. My lower back has ISSUES. Lol But[…]

Great Active Stretch!

My hamstrings have been SOOO tight lately. This is a really great active stretch you can do to help stretch them out. Plank walk out and back.

Crush The Arm Flab!

Wanna c? Try out this move you can do at home to start chiseling out those triceps and under arm area. You don’t need any equipment. Do as many as you can 3 times OR do 3 sets of 10. Let me know what you think. It’s not as easy as it looks BUT it’s[…]

Push ups-Dead Lift-Squat!

Lifting weights will not make you bulky ladies UNLESS your intentions are to build the bulk. When you combine weight training with your cardio workouts and use weights that are appropriate for your frame and your goals they will actually ENHANCE your muscle tone and make you more lean and chiseled. I have been lifting[…]


Let the Season of giving begin!!! My husband Val and I were able to do something REALLY special and cool for my dad. WE BOUGHT HIM A CAR!! I have been debating on posting about this, mostly because I am just so dang emotional and am not sure exactly how to put this experience into[…]

Try Adding Flies To Your Curtsy Lunges!

Have you ever felt like you are getting bored with your at home workout? Maybe it feels easier or your not getting as much from it as you did when you started? Well, add a little difficulty and get a set of heavier weights. Do less reps and challenge yourself. Try adding flies to your[…]

Lat Pull Overs

Here is a move from my upper body workout. Lat pull overs. I added the ball and alternate arms to make it more difficult. You don’t need a ball and you can use a band or anything with a little weight. Working out at home is what works best for ME. It may not be[…]