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H.E.A.T Workout!

I am still deciding on what program to follow so I decided to take it back to an old school H.E.A.T workout today. Give it a shot! Ask questions below. Depending on your speed and conditioning…the amount of time t takes you will vary. Give yourself 30 seconds to a minute in between sets. Your[…]

Cardio Sprints Workout

If you are short on time like I was this morning and need to get in a really good cardio sweat…try out this cardio sprint workout. This can be done on a treadmill as well but I prefer to do it outside. I run it around the cul-de-sac out front. It took me 15 minutes[…]

Surfside Stair Workout!

GOODMORNING!! Beautiful morning for a surfside stair workout and a run. I found an amazing path with views to die for. I wanted to take in the last day of this beautiful view and the sounds and the smell of the ocean. I feel great and ready to start the day! Did anyone else get[…]

Quick Sprint Workout

Here is a great workout you can do anywhere at anytime. If you can’t do the run just up the numbers to 20 or 25. WHAT IS YOUR WORKOUT TODAY? Feel free to tag your friends below and pass it along. Don’t forget to hit like.

Hotel Shoulder Workout!

Hotel Shoulder Workout. Well it’s more a full body workout but I feel it in my shoulders most. All you need is a wall and 2 big water bottles. Sometimes you just have to get creative. Water bottles make great light weights. Gallon jugs make awesome heavy weights. ➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ Repeat AMRAP ✅10 Handstand walk ups[…]

Goodmorning Wake Up Workout

Good Morning Mommas! Jump start your morning and your body with a 5 minute workout routine. You can do this just as your feet hit the floor first thing. This workout will give you the same energy equivalent as a shot of expresso in your coffee. Check it out and PLEASE SHARE!! Don’t forget to[…]

Leg workout at the gym = TOTAL JELLO LEGS!!

TOTAL JELLO LEGS!! Today was leg day in my world and I actually ventured out to the gym today. Sometimes you just need to get OUT and mingle with your people. Lol. So here is the leg workout that I did today. Talk about jello legs. Sheesh. My bootay is on fire as well. TIPS:[…]

Want To Whip Your Abs Into Shape? !

GOODMORNING ABS!! Want to whip your abs into shape? You can do this ab workout in about 6-8 minutes. Use a weight that works for you. I use a 10 lbs weight. Do each exercise for 1 minute OR so each for 30 seconds and repeat. You could also go for reps. 60 each unless[…]

Good Bye Muffin Top And Love Handles!!

Good Bye muffin top and love handles!! I love this move!! It targets that stubborn area that we all have. You can feel it tightening up as you twist. I used an 8 lbs medicine ball but a plate or free weight or a kid or a liter soda bottle or milk jug will work.[…]

My Morning Max Cardio Workout !

Hey is a little snippet from my morning Max Cardio workout. This move is killer on the legs and lower abs. When you squat pilot the weight in your heels and get low and when you jump explode from the butt and use your abs to lift your leg. It took me a few try’s[…]

The Perfect Squat !

The Perfect Squat Today I challenge you to do 50 squats in the morning, 50 squats in the afternoon, 50 squats before bed Pay attention to technique! When you execute a squat you’re engaging the hamstrings, quads, and glutes. The squat is not just a vital exercise for increasing the strength and size of the[…]

Wednesday Workout !

  Workout Wednesday and it’s all about the core and more. Target your core I. Just 4 simple moves done for 4 minutes each and repeated 4 times.(((( Music Will Play))) The kids and I rode our bikes to the park and they played in the little maze behind me while I knocked this out.[…]

Happy Hump Day !

Happy Hump DayDo you want to have sexy arms and wear cute tank tops? Well…unfortunately…we have to pump some iron and do work to get those ones arms we all want. So why not make it fun. Lol. I am determined to fight the underam jiggle as long as I can. Here is an upper[…]


  Workout Wednesday SWING WORKOUT!!This was so much fun and I jut did things in between running around playing with the kids. You can find different places and ways to do different exercises with different playground equipment that is available. Have Fun and enjoy!! Warm up: ride your bike walk or run. 12 x 3[…]

Happy Flex Friday!! Tip for Sexy arms.

Happy Flex Friday!! A little Fit tip for amazing arms…Before you go to bed do as many push ups as you can. Then each day try to do one more. You can even put your legs up on your bed and do inverted pushups to make it more difficult and to target a different part[…]

A Litta Bitta Everything !

A Litta Bitta Everything A little workout for you do do in 15 minutes.((((MUSIC WILL PLAY))))Please share it with your friends and followers and leave me a little comment with your thoughts on this one.  Your support with comments and sharing on pinterest and google plus help keep this page going.  Thank You!!! I added[…]


This one is super fun. Audrey giggled the whole time. What a better way than to get our workout in on the way to the park. There are so many ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine. 1⃣Run or jog as far as you want. I ran a mile. 2⃣Walking Lunges. 15 ea Leg[…]

Morning Stair Workout !

  Morning make it up as you go workout. Audrey and I ran the 2 miles back and forth to take Quin to school. Then came home and tackled the steps.Do 3 sets 1 minute each1⃣Run Up and Down 2⃣In Out Hops 3⃣Toe Taps 4⃣Box jump (step down or hop down) 5⃣Push Ups 6⃣Triceps dips[…]