Clean Eating Basics…What is Clean Eating?

Hey Every one!!  Last week on my facebook fitness page we were talking about eating clean!  There are several things about eating clean that are all up to the individuals preference and it can actually be a hot button topic. I try to avoid such topics but this post is just my opinions and tips on eating clean and healthy, based on facts that I have learned either from experience or from a text book.  I hope that you find some inspiration in these posts that will help you get started living a healthier lifestyle in the food department.


Day 1: Introduction



Day 2: The Skinny on Sugar



Day 3:Processed Foods…What are they?



Day 4: Pre Prepping



Day 5: Grass Fed is Best



If you have any questions feel free to CONTACT ME .  I am always happy to help people take on the challenges and sruggles of learning to eat clean. I was once starting out myself and remember having amazing support and someone to go to for questions so ASK AWAY!

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