Clean Maryland Shrimp Salad


Clean Maryland Shrimp Salad


What You Need:

3 oz shrimp cooked and deveined (or salad shrimp)
1 tbsp Fage Total 0% greek yogurt
The juice from 1 lemon wedge (one 1 packet true lemon)
1 tbsp diced celery
1/4 tsp low sodium old bay
*optional splash of white vinegar


What to Do:

Defrost Shrimp if frozen and devein.  Add all ingredients in a medium mixing bowl. Mix together. Chill. Serve with whole wheat pita bread squares, melba toast, over baby spinach as a salad, or on a whole wheat sandwich round with/without tomato as a sandwich.

Serves 1
One Serving= 3 oz or just over 1/3 cup



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