Starting Fresh for Fall & My Quick and Easy Starter Meal Plan

I have been struggling for the last few months to REALLY stay on track or to even commit to anything when it comes to my health and fitness.  I still make some healthy choices and I exercise but I have NOT been motivated to really SWEAT or lift a weight.  I have not completed a program full out in a while!  I have been doing gym own homemade workouts and the usual when it comes to our daily rides to school.  I have even been skipping those lately as well.  I have made more poor choices than healthy ones and we have been eating out A LOT!   Lots of late night trips to the pantry to binge on whatever I can find.  LOTS of Carbs.  And Sweets.  As a result, I am bloated, my headaches are back, my skin is a dry and breaking out and my hair and nails are starting to get brittle.  I am extremely tired and unmotivated to do much of anything because my sleeping pattern is all out of whack and I am suffering from insomnia.  3 o’clock hits and I need a serious nap.

I find that when this happens I need to refocus and create a plan to get myself going again.  It has to be a plan that has quick and easy options that require simple and easy recipes if any.  Otherwise, I will just give up and grab the quickest option in the refrigerator or cabinet OR just throw all caution to the wind and go grab fast food.  Why? Because it is easier and more convenient and I am just LAZY when I don’t have a plan or have one that is too complicated to follow.  Do you ever feel this way?


So what is the plan?  The kids and I ate up all the cookies and ice cream that was left in the house.  Can’t let it go to waste right?  haha.  I cleared out the refrigerator this morning and tossed out the temptations of junk.  I sat down today and laid out all my favorite clean eating nutrition guides.  I created a meal plan FOR MYSELF based on things that were super easy and quick to make.  I looked at my schedule and I found the times when I knew that cooking just wasn’t an option for me, like on Wednesday when Quin has a baseball game right SMACK in the MIDDLE of dinner time.  4:30 is too early to eat dinner for us and 9 o’clock is too late.  So I choose a dinner option that will work for ME.  I knew that I have lunch plans for a friend’s birthday on Tuesday and she wants sushi.  I chose some healthy sushi options BEFORE I go so I won’t go crazy and give up on day 2.  LOL.   I made this plan based on ME and what I know will not require too much work.  It is simple and easy to follow  and it will help me get started on my way BACK to a healthier life style.  I may end up eating a lot of the same things daily but I have options.  I still love chocolate to I will have it every day.   After I finished creating the meal plan…I hit the store with a PLAN, a LIST, and a FULL stomach.  NEVER go food shopping with those three things.  You will spend way too much money and buy things you don’t need or that will go bad before you have a chance to eat it.

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It is easy to think that even those who have the knowledge about living health lifestyles have it all together 100% of the time. Well…we don’t.  At least I don’t.  I struggle with temptation and emotional eating as much as the next person.  I know that it is up to me 100% to motivate and inspire myself to get up off my rear and do something about how I feel BECAUSE I know that my eating habits and my lack of exercise is exactly what is causing me to feel like crap.  Life gets in the way and for too long I allowed my laziness and the excuses about traveling, kids events and sports, and my husband being out of town take control.

NO MORE! It’s stops today!  This plan is NOT 100% perfect and not everything on here is 100%.  Some things have more sodium then I would like and some things aren’t 100% organic BUT it is what works for me and I need Grab and go.  Most of these things you can grab at a convenience store or I can run into a grocery store to grab.  I picked up a Kombucha for every day and alkalinize water.  I got LIVE SODA for those soda cravings when they hit.

I decided to share with you the Meal plan because, WHY NOT?

If you relate to any of what I said and would like help getting back on track  CLICK HERE.  I will  get set up with an exercise program and an more detailed nutritional plan with portion control guidance as well.  You will have a support and accountability group that you can have access too via social media and access to ME as your coach.  BELIVE ME…I GET IT! And no one says that you have to be perfect or have it all together.  You don’t.  You just need a plan and some help to get started.  I started once too knowing NOTHING about how to eat well and I din’t even like veggies.  It has taken me 6 years to get here and I still have ups and downs.  Healthy Living is all about creating balance and listening to how you FEEL.  Educating yourself on the Do’s and Don’t and making choices that work for YOU!

Please Feel free to Contact me for more guidance.  We can do this TOGETHER!  Its just more fun to DO LIFE with people who are all working towards similar goals regarding their healthy lifestyles.  Use the Contact me section or fill out the application to be coached by ME!

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**It was not created to fit into a specific plan or diet.  It was created based on 1200-1300 calories.  I am NOT a certified Nutritionist and this is NOT a professional meal plan.  Please contact a certified nutritionist for a meal plan that fits your specific dietary needs.

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Zucchini Muffins:

Garden Delights Brand Store Bought Zucchini muffins OR make your own

Recipe HERE:




Store bought ready-made Plain FAGE Cups with honey OR Plain Chiobani Cups

Make your own:

¾ cup plain organic yogurt sweetened

½ tsp. pure maple syrup OR Pinch of Stevia.



Mahi Mahi

½ cup Mango salsa (store bought Deli section)

4 oz. Wild Caught Mahi Mahi

Jamaican seasoning

10 Asparagus spears


Microwaveable brown rice & Quinoa Pouch


Prep the Asparagus and wash it and place in baking dish. Spray with olive oil and season with salt and pepper. Place Mahi Mahi in same baking dish and sprinkle with Jamaican seasoning. . Puree ¼ c Store bought mango salsa and pour over fish. Place the other half of the Salas on top. Broil for 8-10 minutes. Remove from Oven. Cook Rice Quinoa mix as per microwave instructions.



Butternut Squash Soup:

Pacific Organic Butternut Squash Soup with added raw pumpkin seeds and spice on top

To make your own —–>>> NOT CLEAN VERSION.  CLICK HERE:

Or a clean butternut squash stew Here —->>>


3 oz. Roasted Organic Deli Chicken, 1 tbsp. Dried Cranberries, Pureed handful of cranberries (or a cranberry spread) ½ cup baby Spinach, place on a whole grain pita or flat bread (Toast or warm)



Sushi & Green Salad:

Store bought or Restaurant Pick up. Grocery store pick up at your own risk. Choose a California or salmon roll with Nori and Braggs Liquid aminos in place of soy sauce.




Combine all

2/3 up cooked oatmeal, prepared with water

1 Scoop protein powder

1.2 cup diced apple

1 ½ tbsp. chopped walnuts

Chicken Sausage & Veggies:

Store bought Aidells Chicken Sausage (flavor of choice)

Organic pre packaged Veggie Medley (Cauliflower, Broccoli, carrots)

Pre diced onion


Pre Heat Oven to 375. Place Veggies, onion on a baking sheet and spray with oil. Season with salt and paper (garlic powder optional) place sausage on the same sheet and bake on 375 for 10 minutes.




Grilled Chicken Salad:

3 oz. Grilled Chicken Brest Tenders

3 cups spinach (or mixed dark greens)

Cucumber sliced

Squeeze of Fresh Lemon Juice




Turkey Chili:

Store Bought Organic Chili or Make your own:




Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes:

1 cup Old Fashion Oatmeal

½ cup Canned Organic pumpkin

1 tsp. Pumpkin pie spice (or Nutmeg)

1 tsp. Cinnamon

4-egg white

1 whole egg

1 tsp. Baking Powder


Blend all ingredients in a blender or mixer. (For lighter and fluffier pancakes use a mixer). Heat non-stick pan on medium heat. Pour on ¼ cup batter. When bubbles form Flip and cook on the other side.




Spaghetti Squash & Sautéed:

(Serves 2-5 people depending on size of squash. 1 Serving is one Cup of Spaghetti and 1 cup raw spinach)

1 spaghetti squash

1 can organic diced tomatoes

1 jar of Mom’s organic no sugar added tomato sauce

Italian Seasoning

1 lb. Ground Turkey

2 cups Spinach

Organic Cherry Tomatoes

3 Garlic cloves

1 Fresh lemon



Rinse squash. Pierce skin of squash all the way around multiple times with a fork.   Place in the microwave for 4-7 minutes or use the veggie setting.

Place oil in a large saucepan over medium heat. Add ground turkey and cook through. Add Italian Seasoning (to taste) to Ground Turkey with a ¼ c of water. When water is gone add tomatoes and tomato sauce. Season with Salt and Pepper bring to a boil. Reduce Heat and simmer.   Slice or mince Shallot & Garlic. In a separate sauté pan add oil over medium heat. Add shallot, cook until soften. Add Garlic and cook until fragrant.

Add cherry tomato, and squeeze of a full lemon. Remove from heat and set aside.   Take the Squash out of the microwave and cut in half. Scoop out seeds. Then remove the spaghetti and place into a bowls to serve.   Let cool. Replace the Sautee pan to medium heat and add spinach. Add a spritz of oil and cook till spinach is wilted. Season with Himalayan salt and pepper and serve.




Spinach Egg White:

3 egg whites 1 whole egg

1-cup spinach

1/2 cup sliced grape tomatoes

Pinch of mozzarella cheese.


Sautee spinach and tomatoes over medium heat with oil. Set aside. Whisk Egg whites and whole egg. Pour over non-stick pan medium heat. Flip. Add spinach, tomatoes, and cheese. Serve.



Bison Burgers:

Store Bought pre made Meat department

OR Make your Own CLICK HERE:





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