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Are you wanting to work on YOU?  Wanting to work on your Health?  Change your Fitness Routine? Wanting Accountability? Wanting a Like Minded Community? Wanting to feel Radiant and Confident?  

DIETS SUCK! I am all about living a Healthy Lifestyle and learning how making small changes over time will change EVERYTHING.

It’s Okay to spend time on yourself. YOU DESERVE IT!


How do I know this?  Because I have been there myself. 

I have lived through depression, anxiety, turning to food for comfort, hiding in the closet so people wouldn’t see me binge eating at night, throwing away trash before I got home so it was like it never happened.  I have been in that place where I needed to make changes.  I needed exercise in my life but lacked the motivation.  Any of this sound familiar?  I have so much to share.  I have learned how to create that balance in life with the mindset that allows you to be more present in your day and experience life with more JOY! 



Once I started following this program I am offering you, I started to make serious changes. I found a system that that works if you commit. The system includes 3 key pieces that I had missing up until that point. The 3 key pieces –>a simple spelled out plan, a solid mindset and an incredible community!!  Yes, these 3 things were the key to my SUCCESS!


These 3 components have proven to work time and time again for countless members of my community and they will work for you too!


The 3 Keys to Success:

  1. Mindset: Being fit is not just about your physical body, but your mental and emotional fitness as well. What you feed your brain is just as important as what you feed your body. You deserve to live your BEST life and it starts with the right daily practice to get you in the right mindest.
  2. A detailed plan to follow: Fail to plan, plan to fail…but sometimes the planning just takes so much energy! We will provide you with a step by step plan of action that is simple and easy to follow. It will be customizable to your needs and will keep you on track and accountable.
  3. Community: You are the sum of the people you surround yourself with, so why not surround yourself with incredible like-minded people who want the same things from life as you! The community will provide you with endless support, motivation and accountablility.


I am here to offer you that place for support and accountability.  Work with me and we will work together to help you learn everything you need to know about how to FUEL your body with the exercise, proper nutrition and healthy portions to help energize your life for whatever the day may bring.  My health & fitness groups primarily focus on creating a positive mindset, fitness (30m a day, 5x a week), eating a healthy diet and making positive lifestyle changes.  You can still enjoy LIFE and the food you love.  I am all about BALANCE!  I like doughnuts, chocolate and queso.   The goal is for you to fall in LOVE with your body, your mind, and yourself.  To FEEL AMAZING and like you can take on the world!  


Here is what you will get:


*Customizable nutrition guide & meal plan 

*Accountability in a group setting 

*Direct access to me for support

*A YEAR LONG SUBSCRIPTION to ALL ACCESS ON DEMAND Workouts with Certified Trainers

*Portion Control Containers BPA Free

*BONUS!!! The Pantry Detox + Meal Prep 101

*30 Days Supply of my favorite SuperFood Nutrition Supplement, Shakeology

BONUS!!!! Your 13th Bag of Shakeology is FREE! ($129 Value) – If you commit to making 2017 your healthiest year by continuing to invest in yourself each month in 2017, your 13th bag of Shakeology will be on the house!



TOTAL VALUE ***** $500

You get all of that if you enroll Today for $160!!!

(tax, Shipping & Handling not included. Prices may vary based on state)


What is EXPECTED OF YOU when we work together?

DAILY: Check-ins and engagement on posts for the day (based on establish a solid health/fitness, gratitude, mindfulness, confidence and self care routine)

DAILY: 10 minutes spent on personal development. Book, Video, or Audio. 

DAILY: 30 minutes or less workout with a check in (you must post a pic of your self after your workout in the app)

DAILY: Drink your superfood shake and share a pic






Steph. C. 

January 2013 (2 yrs postpartum, 45lbs overweight, yo-yo dieter, emotional eater & binge drinker) to July 2016 (35 years old, mom of 2, healthiest & happiest I’ve ever been in my life!!!)


“It’s all about the will to want to change. When you look in the mirror and I’ve had ENOUGG, then you commit to showing up every day until the job is done. THAT is success!”



Dana A.

The first step is always the hardest! My journey began September 2015 when I finally said enough is enough. I made a promise to myself to commit to starting and finishing one program – just 21 days – 3 weeks. Surely I can do that right? Now 2.5 yrs later still at it. I’m addicted! This is an addiction that I’m proud to have! 

At age 46 I’m in the best shape of my adult life. Hoping I’m setting a good example for my daughters on how to take care of themselves.




Andrea S. 

I started 21 day fix in May 2015 at age 36….. But I felt like I was 86.  I could barely make it up the stairs without my knees giving out. I was depressed and didn’t have the energy to keep up with my 2 kiddos that I had gone thru so much to have them. The fertility treatments and bedrest during pregnancy took a toll on my body. I was a former athlete and felt so uncomfortable with the way I looked and felt. When My 2nd baby was 8 months old… I decided to make a change. After 3 rounds of 21 day fix I was starting to get glimpses of ME. I became a coach and have not looked back. I learn more everyday about fitness and nutrition.

More then just weight loss this was a total LIFE transformation for me. I am physically and mentally stronger. With confidence, came the ability to move my life forward in directions I never could or would have imagined. I have learned anything is possible… You just have to believe you can



Taylor H.

“You’re always with yourself, you might as well enjoy the company.”

Starting day one I had NO idea what I was getting myself into. At age 29, Losing the weight has been the smallest accomplishment I’ve made during this 6 month journey. It’s all that I’ve GAINED that makes this so special to me. My life is more fulfilled, I’m more energized, and I believe in myself in a way I never have before, and I can’t wait to see what goals I can crush in the next 6 months.



Elyse H. 

For me I had all the power in ME all this time but I didn’t have the right tools, plan of attack, or support.To be really honest I didn’t believe in myself! 7 months post baby and I’m still in shock this is me.  I was missing inside mental growth.  I didn’t realize how to speak truth into every piece of my journey. Confidence is a HUGE part of this. This has been a very hard road but I’m not here to convince anyone they can be a unicorn too… You just sometimes need to be around other unicorns to find your sparkle and make your confidence bubble FIERCE!

“Stop comparing and embrace the unicorn!






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