Elsa’s Snowy Mac and Cheese




Do your kids LOVE Frozen as much as mine do?  Specifically my little girl, Audrey.  She is OBSESSED with Elsa.  For Christmas my mother bought the kids two Disney Cookbooks.  I like to think that they were more for me.  They are AWESOME! My son LOVES to cook.  So naturally we like to find him some kids cookbooks with healthy recipes.  The Disney Merry Christmas Cookbook has a lot of healthy options in it and as always…I just clean them up even further to remove bleached flour and gluten as much as possible. I did not clean this one up.  We did us Gluten Free pasta though.  In this cookbook there are Recipes from Brave, Toy Story, Frozen, Lady and the Tramp, and a bunch more Disney Favorites. Since it has been a bit chilly here in Texas we made Elsa’s Snowy Mac and Cheese and Woody’s Cowboy Chili.  The Mac and cheese was really good. It has a bit of a kick to it.  And to be honest…If I make it again I will probably not use the nutmeg and only use half the cayenne pepper. I like the spice but my kids were not as much of a fan.




After Ice Skating with Anna and Olaf, Elsa loves to make the perfect lunch to share with her friends ~~~~~mac & cheese


Elsa’s Snowy Mac & Cheese

Serves 6


What you need:

1 tbsp EVOO

2 tbsp butter

3 tbsp flour

1 1/2 c milk

2 c white cheddar cheese, shredded

1 cup mozzarella cheese, shredded

1/4 tsp ground nutmeg

1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper

1 3/4 tsp salt

3 c gluten free macaroni (or quinoa, plain or whole wheat)

2 c cauliflower, cooked and chopped


What to Do:

Cook the macaroni according to the directions on the package.

Add the oil, butter, and flour to a large pot over medium low heat, and whisk together for 3 minutes. While continuing to whisk, slowly add in the milk and gently bring to a bubble. Stir in the cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese one handful at a time. Season with the nutmeg, cayenne pepper, and salt.  Add the cooked pasta and cauliflower to the pot and stir to coat with the cheese sauce.


Tip: (this is what we did) If you like a crispy top, pour the entire mixture into a baking dish, cover with an additional 1 cup of cheese and broil until the top is browned (about 3-5 minutes)




Let me know what you think!



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