Giving Thanks and Feeding America


I always feel so passionate on Sundays. I am a pretty passionate person all around but for some reason Sunday has a sense of nostalgia that makes me feel so blessed in life and an even stronger urge to give back. November is the month of Giving and Thanks. Why we limit this to one month I am not sure but it is a great month non the less. This month I decided to set a goal for myself. I want to donate 2,700 meals to Feeding America. Yes 2,700 hundred. I can’t do this alone. I need your help. It is hard to believe that 1-8 americans go hungry every day. It is not just the homeless. It may be the person living next door or your son’s teacher, your plumber, your friend, it could be anyone. While I am able to go to the store and by nutritious food for me and my family there are some people who are praying for food and are not sure where their next meal will come from. I know that we can not change this overnight but we can certainly do our best to improve the lives of those that are hungry by donating meals. In just 10 days we coaches have already donated 792,990 and 540 meals have been because of my friends and family. Feeding America this year has already donated 476,807 meals. That means that in just 10 days we have been able to almost double that number. That is truly amazing!!!



How does it work? When you invest in your own health this month by purchasing a challenge pack from me, 180 meals will be donated to Feeding America! PLUS, you’ll even get a $20 coupon to use for a future purchase! Isn’t that amazing!? Talk about feeling good about a purchase! If you were ever considering it now is the time. They make a great holiday gift for someone you love as well. The Gift of Health is priceless. So is the gift of a MEAL.


To sweeten the deal…Those of you that want to inspire and help others on their weight loss journey as a coach, when you sign up this month, I will personally donate another 40 meals to Feeding America or if you are in Calvert County you can donate to End Hunger.


Don’t forget that you or your loved one will get the personal support from ME and those in our virtual fitness groups to help you stay on track lose weight, stay in shape, and feel great!


I am so inspired and incredibly grateful to have the opportunity to help you design a healthy lifestyle and help those in need of food. How many meals do you think we can donate this month?? I am shooting for 2,700 but LETS BLOW THAT GOAL OUT OF THE WATER!