Healthy Holiday Snacks

Around the holidays it can be hard to find things to bring to a party or something healthy to snack on. My kids love things that are fun to eat. Here are a few ideas for things to make for your family or that you can bring to a party



Santa Strawberries:



2 tbsp Fage Greek Yogurt

2 drops Organic alcohol free Coconut flavor

1 tbsp organic unsweetened coconut shavings

 5-10 Strawberries

72% Dark Cocoa shavings

Cut the tops off of the strawberries. Flip over and cut off the point of the bottom. Set aside. Mix Coconut Flavor with the Yogurt. Put a dab of the yogurt on the Strawberries then place the bottom point on top of the yogurt. Dab a little yogurt on the top of the hat (the point) then dab a dot of yogurt on the base of the strawberries to look like buttons. Sprinkle with coconut shavings and then add the dark chocolate pieces to the yogurt to look like eyes. Simply blow the extra shavings off of the strawberries. Place them on a serving tray and sprinkle coconut shavings around the base of the plate for a snowy look.


Candy Cane Fruit 


1 Banana

3-5 Strawberries depending on size.

Cut the strawberries and bananas into slices on an angle and arrange in a banana, strawberry, banana pattern curving the top to create the shape of a candy cane.


Christmas Tree Veggies


(This last one I can’t take credit for. I am not even sure where the original idea came from and this photo is on so many different sites I am not sure who to credit the photo too. I haven’t yet made this one but we will)

1 head of Broccoli

1 head of cauliflower

pretzel sticks

1/2 lb. of cherry or grape tomatoes (or red pepper)

1 yellow pepper

fage greek yogurt

1 packet of ranch dip mix

Chop the stems off the Broccoli and Arrange the Broccoli into the shape of a christmas tree. Place pretzel sticks at the bottom of the christmas tree. Place cauliflower under the pretzel sticks. Halve the Peppers. Slice half of the peppers into slivers. Line the tomatoes or red pepper slivers around the tree to appear as garland and lights. Then place the yellow peppers at the top to appear as a star.  In a bowl mix the FAGE yogurt (in place of sour cream) with the ranch packet as directed on the ranch packet. Place in the other halves of a half of a yellow and red pepper and serve.

I hope you enjoy these ideas!!

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