Where Do The Ingredients Come From?

What is the Value of these Ingredients? Think is is too Expensive?:

 So you have done the research, tried a sample, you are really intrigued, but you’re hesitant on Shakeology because you think “it’s just so expensive”.  You are not alone. I waited a whole year to make Shakeology a part of my daily routine.  There was NO WAY I was going to do that.  My husband thought it was a fad, that I could just mix up protein powder and culturelle and it was the same things. We couldn’t afford groceries let alone a 30 day supply of what we thought was “just another one of those shakes”.  I was going out to lunch every day for between $6-$12 a day! Even after they said  “for $4 a day you can replace those salads or chicken sandwiches from the fast food place with this shake” I was still hesitant.  I am not going to LIE to you all.  I got a single sample and I hated it. No one told me to make a recipe with it. I used way to little liquid.  I thought it tasted like plant and I didn’t notice any change in energy.  It wasn’t until I started drinking them on a regular basis that I found myself completely satisfied nutritionally and full of energy with 2 kids under 5 and one of which was 2 months old. I couldn’t believe it. I tried to find every excuse as to why else I could have had this energy but there was no denying it. It was the shakeology. I felt amazing.  And I am now HOOKED!

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