Leadership Retreat Reflection

This weekend has been amazing. Since last wednesday, I have been in Dana Point California for the 2013 Success Club Leadership Retreat for Beachbody. This company continues to amaze me in more ways than one.  As I sit here getting ready to fly home, I am reflecting on all the things that I learned this weekend and all the people I have met or reconnected with. It was truly inspiring. I honestly feel like regardless of whether things are on a high point or low point in this roller coaster of life, we have the choice to do something about it. You can allow the highs and lows to slow you down or you can remain consistent and persistent in your efforts to achieve your goals.  When you want something so bad that you can feel it and you can truly visualize it…It makes it easier to keep your head in the game regardless of what life throws at you.

Today I ask you to sit down and reflect on life, your goals, your dreams and what you are willing to do to achieve them. Put it down on paper. Write down your dreams and your goals. Create an idea or Strategy of what you need to do to make it happen and then put those things into action. Start today. What are you waiting for?  Set…Go!



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