Leap with Abandon. The Best is Yet to Come.




By now, if you follow me, you know my story.  I am a mom of two little precious babies and I run my own fitness business from home.  When I started my business I was in a really dark place.  I worked tirelessly day in and day out with my eyes fixed on goals and being the best that I could be.  But to be honest… It was the best that I could be in the eyes of others.  I was striving for goals that YES, I had set but, they were actually goals that I felt were expected of me of ones that I felt were placed on me by others.  That isn’t a bad thing and yes I accomplished them.  What I didn’t realize was how much the other parts of my life were suffering all while improving as well.  That sounds confusing.  Our financial situation, living conditions, and our sense of self was improving but my relationship with my children and my friends was suffering.  I was focusing so much on being successful that I had lost track of what my priorities were.


Last year was a very challenging year for me as I continued to push for big goals and found that they didn’t come as easily as they did my first year.  I also found that my responsibilities increased.  Life just became more challenging.  My daughter was not an infant any more.  She was a full blow toddler and needed my full attention all the time.  My son was in more activities and sports and my time was and still is more occupied.  So my time to focus on the business was less yet more was expected.  I couldn’t bring myself to put Audrey in a day care because after all, this is why I choose to work from home, so I could spend more time with my children.  I felt guilty for not being the mom to her that I was to Quin.  I mean, Quin was my first baby.  I was so attentive and always looking to help him develop, learn, grow.  I was such a pinterest mom.  I wish I still was.  lol.  We were traveling the country and it was just he and I.  I had no other responsibilities but to support my husband and his career, to take care of the domestic stuff around the house, to play, explore and have fun with my baby.


I threw myself into learning how to balance everything.  Set my priorities in check.  I did hours and hours of personal development.  I thought I was figuring it all out and things were really feeling like I could actually be the mom, wife, leader, business woman that I was striving to be.  Many times last year I really worked hard, put my heart and soul into something only to find that it flopped.  It didn’t produce the result that I was hoping for.  OR things would start to really progress with the business.  I felt like I was turning a corner, I would start to get excited and then BAM, something would fall apart and I end up discouraged and questioning what I was doing.  Questioning if this is really the direction I was meant to go in.  Should I just give up?  Quit altogether?  Have you ever felt that way?


I have realized that I am what is holding myself back in life.  Why?  Mostly because of guilt or for fear of rejection failure.  It is something that is hard to put my finger on.  Maybe it is fear of failure.  But the truth is that failure is something that I have come to know.  Whether it be a simple failure of trying out a recipe and it being a flop, failing to give my full attention to my family when I was supposed to and NOT, failing my daughter by saying “in a minute” or “hold on a sec”.   Failing to stay on track with my daily schedule or workout program, diet, or setting a HUGE goal and constantly falling short.  I think the thing that has held me back the most is fear or reaching out to others for help or with the business opportunity.  That is simply fear of judgement and rejection.  Why? I still don’t know.  It doesn’t hurt to ask.  So I should just ask.  Sometimes I felt like all I had left was this little glimmer of hope that I would figure this all out and that some miracle would come along. I would instantly “get it”.  I was hoping for that spark that would light my fire again.  Sometimes a spark is all we need to start that fire within.


I realized that It is all on ME.  I am the one that needs to take a time out.  I need to allow myself to revaluate, and restructure myself and my life using my past failures. FAILURES are GOOD!! Failure means I am trying.  I need to Take that LEAP of Faith.


On this journey of life we will encounter countless failures.  Sometimes you will succeed but sometimes things just aren’t gong to go the way you had hoped.  But you have to TRY! You have to LEAP! Why? because




Failure is what will guide us to become better to develop ourselves and our craft making us stronger, smarter, more knowledgeable and ultimately  what and who we are working so hard to become but with even more determination.  Failure is a gift that allows us to learn, grow, redirect, and take a new and potentially better path.


I read this today and it STUCK.  I want to share it with you:


“Our most grand leaps-the ones that change everything-come from first being knocked down. It’s in the depths of our challenges, when we are left with what feels like nothing, that we can sometimes see more clearly.  All the fluff stripped away , we see what matters.  Life doesn’t have to be perfect for you to take that grand leap of faith.  Your circumstances don’t have to be just right. Leaping is the act of taking the risk to propel yourself from one place – gliding above and through the past challenges – to somewhere better.

LEAP into the air with abandon, friend. The Best is Yet to Come.


Matthew 7:7 Jesus told us, “Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you;” Ask, Seek, Knock. Whatever leap of faith has been on your heart, ask God for it.   Then, wait on his reply and, whether it is a yes or a no, trust in His perfect plan.  – Laura Casey


STARTING today I chose to not let failure and guilt stand in my way.  I choose to not let my worries of what people will think or what they think I should be doing hold me back.  I will do what I feel is right and necessary for my and my priorities.  I will shut out the chatter and listen to the voice that guides from within.  I will trust his plan.  I will put down my leap of faith in BOLD letters and GO FOR IT!


Write down your Leap of Faith in BOLD letters.  Share it with someone you love and trust.  Start a prayer journal.  Pray about it and GO FOR IT!


Love you guys!


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