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Hey Y’all!! My name is Lauren Majewski.  I currently live in Austin, TX.  I am a wife to an amazing man, Val, and a mommy to 2 little people, Quin and Audrey.  They completely have my heart.  I am a business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit.  I have NEVER wanted to work for someone else and have always just wanted to OWN my time and participate in my own life.  Everything I do…I do for my family.  I do it to provide for them and to help shape their minds, bodies, and souls into whatever they dream it to be.




A Fast Recap of my life up until now…I was a gymnast my entire life and was extremely competitive at a high level until I broke my back.

I started cheerleading in high school and ran track and did field events as well.

I went to the University of Delaware as a Cheerleader on a scholarship.  I met some of the best friends that a girl could ask for and we are still the best of friends to date.  It was there that I learned what it meant to be a part of a team and my competitive nature was really developed along with my leadership skills.

My senior year I became an NFL cheerleader and continued to cheer until 2007-2008.   I cheered with 2 different NFL teams.  When I was not on the field or working as a Neurotherapist, I was traveling the world entertaining the troops and experiencing life in over 40 countries.




It was during this time in my life that I met my now husband.  He was a professional baseball player for the Baltimore Orioles.




6 months later starting dating.  3.5 years later we were married and 1 year after that we had our first child, our son, Quin.





Life was amazing.  I quit my job so that we could travel together during baseball season and we moved about 15 times in his professional career.  It was a crazy life but I wouldn’t have traded it for anything.  When Quin was about 18 months old I decided that I wanted to get my athletic body back.  I was never “Fat” and I lost the baby weight pretty quickly.   I just wanted to do something fun and get in shape again.

I saw insanity on TV one night and told Val that I wanted to get it.  He laughed and told me I would never finish it. HAHA. Challenge accepted.

I bought it and I completed it.  On Day 64 of Insanity I competed in my first ever Fitness competition, The Tri-Fitness Challenge, And I placed 4th overall and won the Grace and Physique (bikini) competition.  I also competed in the Fitness model competition and placed in the top 3.

I learned so much about fitness and how to eat like an athlete and to eat for a long and healthy life.  I just wanted to share everything that I learned and help other people do what I was doing.




I continued to compete for 2 more years.  I always placed in the top 10.  I was gunning for the number one spot when I found out the I was pregnant with my daughter.


Over the 3 years prior I had really struggled with who I REALLY was. I loved my life but there was something missing. I bounced around trying everything I could.  I was in real estate, a fitness coach, a jewelry sales rep, a preschool teacher, a recruiter, and I had a craft/embroidery shop on Etsy.  I was so lost.  The more things I tried the more lost I became.  My fitness competitions were all I had left that gave me my own identity and made me feel empowered.


One of the things that really got to me was that as a stay at home mom…I had completely lost my independence and had become 100% DEPENDENT on someone else. If I wanted to go buy anything it was money that my husband was making and I didn’t feel like I was really contributing much to the family. After some pretty crappy legal advice, I filed for bankruptcy when I was 23 for about $10K, and that haunted me. With no steady job with proven income I had zero credit. Even now 10 years later with the bankruptcy behind me, I needed my husband to buy a cell phone, a car, a home, really anything because credit as a stay at home mom just doesn’t exist. Heaven forbid that anything happen to my husband, I would not have been able to take care of my family. I started trying to rebuild my credit with a pay up front credit card through my bank. I used it for gas and things that I knew we would be paying cash for anyway.


Don’t get me wrong.  Being a wife and a mother was amazing but I really just wanted to be Lauren.  I wanted security and I wanted to reclaim MY identity. I hope that makes sense.




I September of 2012, Val officially retired from baseball and started working a commission only insurance job.  I started substitute teaching and did so until a few days before having Audrey.  We had rented a home near my parents because there was still a chance that Val was going to go and play baseball in Japan and I did not want to be pregnant and alone with a 4 year old and a new born.  On December 3rd, Audrey was born.




A few weeks later my life changed forever.   It was one of those mommy moments that you wish you could take back. With a baby crying, the phone ringing, dinner cooking, and postpartum in full swing…I walked away from the stove and the house caught on fire.  It is a memory that I will never forget.  I will forever remember the screams and cries of the babies, and my frantic scramble to get us out and to try to get a few things while I could.  I will never forget the lights and sirens and watching as the house went dark and the flames and smoke poured out.  We just sat and cried.

The worst part was…We did not have renters insurance and we later found out that we would be responsible for the damages.




We were living on our friend and family’s couches while they rebuilt and refurbished our home.  Val was bring in very little money, and I was not working. We had basically $0 income with very little in savings. I dreading going shopping for groceries or simple needs at Walmart, and very rarely went. Forget spending money on anything we didn’t NEED, in fear of that dreaded DECLINED screen flashing at me. We found ourselves saying, “We can’t afford” often.


We were borrowing money from family. Val was doing odd jobs, in the little free time he had, just to keep our heads above water. I even sold 1/2 of the things in my closet just to help make a little extra money for us. Anytime someone gave us a gift card or money for a birthday gift or christmas we would just use it for food, bills or other needs.   There I was, spending my nights awake with a colic baby who screamed for hours, for no reason, and my days wide awake, so tired, playing with my 4 year old trying not to let on how lost and depressed, lost, lonely and tired mommy was.


Val traveled a lot for work and I was home alone most days/weeks by myself with the kids.  It was hard. I was in a really dark place.  Like I said before, I went from being independent, incredibly fit and jet setting around the world to just “mom” who’s only identity was found in that of my husband and children. I was “Val’s wife” or “Quin’s mom”.  I was no longer “Lauren”.  I LOVE being a mom and a wife but I wanted something that I could identify with as well.


Maybe that sounds selfish to some but I would just cry myself to sleep at night after the baby finally went to bed. I was miserable with my body, my marriage was stressed and I had very low self esteem. I tried very hard to hide that from the rest of the world for the sake of my kids and just our family appearance in general.


I wanted so badly to take the pressure off my husband so he could be happy and be home with us more. Going back to work wasn’t in the cards and made 0 sense since we would be paying out what I was bring in to put 2 kids in Day Care. I wanted no part of going back to work or allowing someone else raise my children.


I was, we were, in desperate need of a change.  I hit my knees and I prayed to God that he would just show me a sign, a direction, SOMETHING to help me dig myself and my family out of this place we were in.


2012-12-21 11.42.30-1


ENTER TEAM BEACHBODY! A few hours after I prayed that prayer…My Friend Brandi sent me an invite to her online fitness challenge and sent me a message to explain why I might want to join her this month.  I was like, “Okay God. I hear you loud and clear”.  She had asked me every month for about 12 months and I had always said no.  This time I emailed her back because I knew she would understand exactly how I felt, and asked her for help.


She started as a Beachbody coach almost exactly 1 year to that date, was doing really well in her business and she looked fantastic. She had invited me to do the Ultimate Reset and I was finally ready to take the plunge. I decided to just sign up as a coach and see where it went so that I could get a discount. Well, anyone who knows me knows I can’t just do things “half way”.  I got started that night.


I took the few gift cards and cash that I had just received for my birthday and a little bit of money from the saving we had set aside for the kids, under the condition that I paid it back with interest within the first few months. I bought the Ultimate Reset challenge pack and dove in head first.


I started reading all the materials and learning about the business. I got so fired up and felt so empowered by all of the training calls and success stories. I spent every moment I could, while doing dishes/driving/laundry, listening to the personal development and team training calls. I was officially determined to NEVER say “We can’t afford” again. I also got back to my pre baby body with the reset and then T25.




I am now the founder of Team Fit Force and an Executive Leader, Star Diamond ELITE coach ranked in the top of the company.  My team and I are helping so many other people realize their potential in so many different aspects of their life.  I and happy to say that I am back in my pre-baby shape and am in a much better place.  I am now running a very successful organization earning a multi 6 figure income per year which BLOWS my mind.


06-21-2014_Celebration_MY_0651-XL - Version 2


We moved to TX and bought a new house and a new car, paid off all our debt.  We give to charities and to our church so much more than we ever thought we could.  We have bought my husband his dream car and paid it in full.  We have been blessed to be able to travel to so many places across the globe and provide our children with opportunities that we NEVER dreamed we could. Like Disney once a year.  We help our family when in need and love doing it.  We live humbly and are very smart with finances and saving. We have funds in place for retirement and for our children as well as rainy day accounts and FAMILY FUN accounts.  Its still amazes me.  We and are living a very happy and healthy life.

It is so incredible to me and I am so happy that I made the decision to CHANGE my family’s life.  That decision has in turn changed SO MANY other people’s lives, like Alana’s.  This picture makes me cry tears of Joy and Happiness every time I look at it.  Her transformation is truly amazing and still in progress!!




My marriage is better and My kids are happy, not because of the money, but because I am happy.  When Mommy is happy and healthy the rest of the family THRIVES.  I have a PASSION for helping others. My husband and I have learned so much, from the training and personal development that beachbody offers, about how to be better together and to work as a team.


It is hard work and there have been many sacrifices that have been made but I KNOW that it is all worth it for our future. It is no more of a sacrifice then those who work a part time or full time job away, from their family, to make ends meet. I just have the benefit of working from home, on my time, around my own schedule and I make a full time income…above and beyond what I ever though I would be making for our family.



I was approached about the opportunity in 2012 and at the time it was just not the right thing for me and I will be honest. I was a skeptic. I had just had a miscarriage and was trying to get pregnant again. I was afraid of a network marketing opportunity because I had tried that before and it never panned out for me. I though it was all just a sham. Well…I could not have been more wrong! Beachbody has changed my life and the lives of my family.


Please feel free to reach out to me.  I love to meet new people and I would love to hear YOUR STORY.


Thanks for taking the time to read more about me and my crazy journey.





Fill Out an Application to join our team…CLICK HERE


If you are interested in learning more about becoming a Team Beachbody Coach and What a coach does, Watch this webinar that I hosted. Excuse the beginning and the audio issues and real life set backs. But we are all just everyday women doing what we can to make a difference in our lives and the lives of others. Real Life.


Since you just read my story…If you do not want to listen to it again…You can fast forward to the 30 minute mark and watch from there. I start talking about the coaching opportunity at 31:23.






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