My Take on Clean Eating Basics


Today we are talking about eating clean! Here are a few of the basic things that I have learned about it. There are so many misconceptions and ads/marketing out there that will get you believing that what you are eating is better for you when really…It isn’t. I’m not an advocate for any one type of diet. The only type of eating that I endorse is healthy eating! Gluten-free foods are often full of sugar, sugar-free foods are usually full of chemicals, and cookies are still cookies even when they’re organic. Vegan, gluten free, sugar-free, organic doesn’t necessarily mean healthy.
You know fruits and vegetables, whole grains, unrefined oils, unrefined sugars, and organic dairy is best. The basis of clean eating is using REAL ingredients….from the earth, minimally processed, not made with ingredients you can’t find in your own kitchen, etc. When you’re putting nutrients into your body, your body will respond by functioning more efficiently and even let go of some of that fat it’s been storing for later. Don’t worry…you can still have pizza, pasta, desserts, and other yummy foods. It just requires finding new ingredients and ways to make them. Lets Break this down just a bit…

Look at the quality of foods that you are eating. Shop on the outer aisles of the food store for foods that do not have a shelf life. Add color to your plate with fruits and veggies. If you flip it over and it has an X in the ingredients it is probably a chemical…don’t buy it. Buy foods that have ingredients that you recognize and can read. Keep it simple. A strawberry should only have strawberries in the ingredients. Peanuts Butter should only say peanuts. Eat only lean meats and proteins that are grass fed and wild caught. Cow’s were not meant to eat corn. If you want a starch eat a healthy one. Sweet potato & quinoa are good examples. Don’t drink your calories. Stay away from soda, juices and fruity sugar drinks. Add flavor to your water instead with fruits or herbs.

I could go on for days about this but these are just a few of the basics that will help you get started with eating clean.

Step one is to go through the cabinets and throw away the temptations. Get rid of the foods that you know are just plain horrible for you and are sabotaging your efforts. Share this post if you have found any of this to be helpful and you think that it will help someone else navigate through the craziness of learning to eat clean.


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