My Ultimate Reset Transformation

In February after I had my daughter I decided that I need a way to jumpstart my weight loss. I had gained 48 pounds and needed to get going. I had only lost about 10 of that by the time I started. I decided to take a chance and do the beachbody ultimate reset. It was an amazing experience. HARD but totally worth it. It was the perfect way to allow my body to detox from all the processed foods and sugars that I had become so dependent on just for time purposes. It taught me how to force myself to cook my own meals. Surprisingly, I set my mind to do it, and I did it…even with a 4 year old and a 2 month old who was nursing.

I was nervous about doing the reset while nursing so I waited until I was cleared to really do anything just because I wanted to give Audrey the best possible chance to adjust to everything. I started drinking the VEGAN shakes as soon as I received them. VEGAN is supposed to be easier on babies tummy as per my doctor.  I called the Lactation consultant and sent her the ingredient list for the Shakeology and the reset supplements as well as the meal plan and they said it was okay. There were a few ingredients on the B list.  She sent everything to a University herbal medicine department, where I lived at the time, and they said it was all safe for baby as long as I am not abusing the shakes or the supplements. I also had to make s few modifications to the meal plan to ensure that I was taking in enough calories for breast feeding. Basically I kept in the animal proteins the entire time and added an additional snack as the meals themselves were just so much food. Audrey is a healthy baby and is happy. She started sleeping better and, at the time,  her congestion has cleared up. I on the other hand have never felt better. I had so much energy and lost a total of 11 lbs and 18 inches. It was awesome!!! It brought me back down to my pre baby weight. Now all I had to do was work on getting the muscle tone back.  I also learned that I liked a lot of things that just “sounded weird” or “looked strange”. I found ways to make recipes that I would have totally turned my nose up to if I hadn’t invested in this program. I was determined to see it through to the end and get my money’s worth. I looked at it as an investment in myself. I was so proud of myself for sticking to it! Feel free to contact me through the contact me section if you have any questions.

Here are my results:

Pictures were taken on February 21st and March 13th


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