Perfect your Running


I headed out this morning to run sprints and do a track style workout. While I was running I was thinking to myself all of the things that my track coach used to say to me which make the running easier and my sprints faster.

Here are a few tips to help you while you run:
*Get your head right- Relax your jaw and neck muscles and focus your eyes forward in front of you on track.

*Don’t Shrug-Keep your Shoulders relaxed and down. Tensing your shoulders uses more muscle energy and actually locks up the rest of your lower body and negatively impacts your stride.

*Control your Arms-Flailing your arms wastes muscle energy. Keep your wrists straight, elbows in, and don’t allowyour arms to cross your body. Just let them go back and forth.

*Finger Pinch/Relax your hands- clinched fists tighten & negatively effect your entire upper bodymovement. It too wastes muscle energy. Relax your hands and pretend to hold an egg or as I like to do…Pinch a potato chip in between your middle finger and your thumb without breaking it. Try it..It is hard.

*High Knees/High Knees- Drive your forward knee up and keep it in line with the hip. Don’t let your legs get all crossways and crooked.

*Twinkle Toes – Stay up on your toes. Don’t run on your heels. Running on your heels keeps the foot on the ground longer which slows you down.

Have Fun and Run Faster!


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