Perfection Population 0…Find your BALANCE

I woke today feeling great and motivated only to find that I had not one but 2 set backs, or failures. It made me think, for about 1 sec, that the goal I have been chasing seems so far off and that I will miss the goal date…again. Like most people I talk to, I struggle to handle my workload with the goal of accomplishing each task perfectly as planned and on time. I want it now and am very impatient. I think of myself as a perfectionist. It is the story of my life, in business, that I miss each goal date by like a day or a week and I have major frustration in not meeting that expectation that I set for myself. Then I finally realized that it’s not about perfection, but BALANCE. It will happen and I will work hard for it. I have to figure out what I need to do and what needs to be done right now. Happiness is measured in terms of our priorities, and while priorities differ from one person to the next, being able to identify what’s important in our own life is the key to finding BALANCE. It is about the quality of life that is possible. I am learning that striving for perfection is a waste of time. Perfection is an extreme, and if we insist on perfection we will never find balance. Nothing will every truly satisfy within and we may miss out on times in life that you will never get back. I am not saying to not try or to give it any less effort but rather to learn to work SMARTER, not harder, and strive for progress in a forward motion that has no end. Always be moving forward and learn to enjoy the process. Including the set backs, or failures, as they are part of what keeps you moving forward. 

This is just something I feel so many people can relate to in multiple areas of their life and felt I needed to share what was on my heart this morning. WHAT EVER YOU DO TODAY…MAKE IT A GREAT ONE!




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