Planks do a “Mommy” body good

Today is a new day and a fresh start to a fantastic week. I have been thinking long and hard about what I can do to help you. What would you all like to see more of from me? What do you think would be the best information for me to share with you that you can benefit from? Please comment below.

To start off the week I want to give you a little Move that you can add to your workout routine. I am a huge fan of planks. Especially as a mom who recently had a baby, planks are one of the best ways to work your core/stomach muscles and attack that belly pooch. Doing a full plank routine that works all angles of the mid section is something that I would encourage doing. This week I plan to show you a different Plank exercise everyday that you can turn into a full plank workout. Today’s Plank move is Leg lifts. Hold a low plank and lift your leg alternating each side. Do this for 1 minute or 20 reps. (Count to 40) You do not have to lift you leg this high. Just lift it to be in line with your shoulders. If you can lift higher then go for it. Squeeze the glutes and stomach while you lift.


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