Pump up the Jam

PUMP up the jam! Pump it up…What is your favorite go to workout song??

Do you jam out to a playlist while you work out? I certainly do. Jamming to some good tunes while working out makes you think that you are not working out as hard as you really are. Upbeat music increases activity in a part of the brain which “psychs” you up! The optimal range for good music is 120-140 beats per minute. Mine is actually higher when I workout. The tempo can vary depending on the activity. Try to sync your music to your exercise by looking up beats per minute of your go to songs. You can find a tempo that matches the heart rate you want to achieve and so choose a song with a tempo that increase in beat.

Ever notice how if you listen to the song the second time it wont amp you up as much as it did the first time? If you have your playlist set and you listen to the same thing every day your body may desensitize to the song’s motivational quality? I suggest that you have multiple workout playlists and use the shuffle to keep your pumped up. I personally like to listen to songs that have lyrics that relate to what I am trying to achieve. So when I am getting ready to do box jumps or run an obstacle course… I listen to something like “Lose Yourself” by Eminem


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