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Lat Pull Overs

Here is a move from my upper body workout. Lat pull overs. I added the ball and alternate arms to make it more difficult. You don’t need a ball and you can use a band or anything with a little weight. Working out at home is what works best for ME. It may not be[…]


Busy Mom’s favorite meal on the go. Seriously…DO NOT SKIP MEALS! I know a lot of people who say that they just don’t have time to eat and that they just grab and go. I totally get that. I am a busy mom and CEO. Time is something I don‘t have a lot of but[…]

It’s Time to Change YOUR Life and COMMIT to YOU!

  This is for YOU! You sitting there reading this feeling overworked, under appreciated, and like you put everyone else’s needs (including fitness) before your own? Do you feel you have lost the spark within, your self confidence and self esteem within the whirlwind of your life? Are you constantly feeling as if you are flailing,[…]