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H.E.A.T Workout!

I am still deciding on what program to follow so I decided to take it back to an old school H.E.A.T workout today. Give it a shot! Ask questions below. Depending on your speed and conditioning…the amount of time t takes you will vary. Give yourself 30 seconds to a minute in between sets. Your[…]

Meet Kristin!!

A little motivation for you to help you stay on track this memorial day weekend…With balance of course. I mean….CRAZY right!!! I LOVE to get messages like this. Meet Kristin!! She ordered her first set of workouts 6 months before she truly committed. She did amazing for a few rounds and got some results. Then[…]

Fresh Fit Food Challenge !

    Do you struggle with clean eating or knowing WHAT to eat? What is eating Clean?   Well, I am putting together a 7 day FREE clean eating challenge that will start on Monday, August 18th.   It is a supportive group challenge filled with tips, information, recipes and resources. I will give you[…]

Our Fit Life Community (FLC) Is Pretty Amazing!

I am so grateful and honored to have been asked to speak at one of the coach summit trainings.¬†Our Fit Life Community (FLC) is pretty amazing and I love to tell people just how great it is and help other coaches create a fitness community with as much love, support, accountability and fun as our[…]