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Holiday Health Bet

  Nov. 20th – Dec. 31st   Bet on Yourself this Holiday Season. Are you looking for some support with keeping up your healthy lifestyle this holiday season.  Staying the course is all about making a commitment to yourself to make the modifications in your choices, thoughts, and actions when it comes to your food[…]

Box Jumps!

Box jumps! In practice I could not do more than 36. Adrenalin kicked in and I got all 50!!! 40.09 was my time. PR is 34.6 but I am so happy to have finished. I got the jitters and just prayed for God to clear my mind, relax my body, help me focus on Him[…]

Tri Fitness Challenge Obstacle Course

Obstacle course run #2. I MADE IT!! I didn’t fall, I don’t hurt myself (aside from ripped hands), I didn’t puke, and I didn’t gas out. The end was my favorite part! For the first time ever, I finished strong through the end. 9 seconds off my PR of 50 secs. Monkey bars and the[…]

It’s Time to Change YOUR Life and COMMIT to YOU!

  This is for YOU! You sitting there reading this feeling overworked, under appreciated, and like you put everyone else’s needs (including fitness) before your own? Do you feel you have lost the spark within, your self confidence and self esteem within the whirlwind of your life? Are you constantly feeling as if you are flailing,[…]