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Blueberry Almond Protein Pancakes

These may just be my FAVORITE protein pancake recipe I have made to date.  They are so delicious and the ingredients are interchangeable to change the flavor.  Meaning Substitute the blueberries for cut strawberries or peaches.  So yummy.  I think adding a little bacon to this would also be AMAZING!!! When I first saw this[…]


OMG…I might cry. Today is my absolute favorite and proudest moment as a coach. This is EVERYTHING about why I am a coach. MY DAD EXERCISED…AND HE LIKED IT!! For those of you who don’t know my dad, he has been disabled for as long as I remember but, 6 years ago he lost his[…]

Our Amazing Team Fit Force Crew!!

  My heart is so full 💜 can you believe this…this is our amazing Team Fit Force crew!! I second guess myself often but being surrounded by these people reminds me of who I really am and why I love this community. It was because of ONE DECISION to do the hard and unorthodox thing[…]

Insecurities Suck

Well, we are here! Landed in FL and are at the fitness competition. As expected, I walked in and instantly my self doubt, body image issues and insecurities went into high gear. I am gonna get REALLY REAL & PERSONAL here. This is something that I have struggled with for a LONG time. It’s honestly[…]

Tri Fitness Challenge Shuttle Run

Shuttle run done and only missed 2 bags. Not a completely clean run and not my PR but 34.21 seconds was the time! I’ll take it! I ran The TruGrit obstacle course for the first time ever and completely forgot to take the 2 35lb plates with me when I sprinted so I lost some[…]

Lisa’s Transformation

Check out my friend and team mate LISA!!!! I am just so inspired by her as a mother, as a woman, as a friend, and how she carries herself. Lisa is someone who struggled with infertility. The struggles and the emotional rollercoaster that it had her on left her finding comfort in food, alcohol, her[…]

5 Years Ago Today!!!!

5 years ago today!!!! Aghhhh!!! Can’t believe it has been 5 years!! This was day 64 of my very first ever transformation & fitness journey. It all started out with an infomercial on TV, me feeling crappy about myself around all these hot young baseball girlfriends, and a little nudge from my friend, Connie, to[…]

Frog Jump!

I LOVE THIS MOVE! Frog jump! Turn your feet out, heels together and keep your shoulders pulled back. Pull in your abdominals and go for a minute. Talk about a leg and booty workout. You will feel it in your core and your back as well. Wowza! No equipment needed. Share, Click like and follow[…]

Pumpkin Pie Protein Pancakes

    I LOVE FALL!  It is my favorite time of year in Maryland. The leaves are falling off the trees and there are beautiful bright bold colors of golden yellow, orange, red, and green everywhere. The temperatures are crisp and everyone is spending their weekends picking apples or pumpkins.  One of my fall favorites[…]

Kitchen Towel Workout

You don’t need gym equipment to rock your fitness!! Check out these moves you can do with a kitchen towel that will surely kick your bootayyy!! I am just a Mom on a mission to get fit and healthy and find balance! Ladies LIKE Lauren Majewski for more fitness, food, health, family fun, tips and[…]

On the other side of fear is freedom!

  I have learned that I am unique. I am strong, brave, beautiful, and I have a lot to offer other people.  I learned that I am worth the chance that I needed to take on MYSELF!   I was a stay at home mom who had quit her job to stay at home with[…]

12 Days of Fitmas Workout

  I love Crossfit.  However, I do not love going to the gym and I do not like having to pay for a gym membership.  I have a pretty good knowledge of crossfit Wods (workout of the day) and whatever I don’t know…I just look it up on youtube.  I have been doing vacation WODs[…]


My trainer is on the cover of OXYGEN MAGAZINE!!!! Go Autumn!! So amazing what this lady is doing for my body and for all the other people she works with!!! She must be doing something right!! And she is SMOKIN HOT too! I will be starting a new round of training sessions with Autumn on[…]

Happy Hump Day !

Happy Hump DayDo you want to have sexy arms and wear cute tank tops? Well…unfortunately…we have to pump some iron and do work to get those ones arms we all want. So why not make it fun. Lol. I am determined to fight the underam jiggle as long as I can. Here is an upper[…]

Wednesday Workout !

Workout Wednesday and it’s all about the core and more. Target your core I. Just 4 simple moves done for 4 minutes each and repeated 4 times. (((( Music Will Play))) The kids and I rode our bikes to the park and they played in the little maze behind me while I knocked this out.[…]

Transformation Tuesday !

Wow!! Check out my friend Andrea!!! Now that’s a transformation Tuesday. Wanna Lose 10 pounds before Halloween?? She did. This is what she has to say “I’d be doing you and injustice if I kept this a secret. The program that changed my life and body” I have a group running right now with people[…]

Transformation Tuesday!! It’s ME!!!

Transformation Tuesday!! It’s ME!!! So this was me back in February and March. I had let the holidays get the best of me. I added in a few extra pounds and a lot of bloat. I was really starting to feel fizzled out on workouts and just not motivated. I was craving all sorts of[…]

May Challenge Group WINNER!!!

Please help me Congratulate our May Challenge Group WINNER!!! Caroline Palmer!! This girl….let me tell you….I am so so so proud of her. We had many people who showed up daily and got amazing results. Caroline…she was dedicated. She showed up everyday and somedays she doubled up. If she ever missed a day she made[…]