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Zucchini Gratin Skillet Bake!

I have a fun recipe for you all to try. It’s so delish. It’s a Zucchini skillet Bake. If I make it again I will add tomatoes. Maybe even some chicken for a full meal. Here’s the recipe: Zucchini Gratin Skillet Bake 2 medium zucchini squash (1 Yellow 1 Green), sliced into thin rounds 1[…]

Broccoli Mac and Cheese

My kids favorite version of mac and cheese. People ask me all the time how I get my kids to eat healthy. The real answer is that they eat what I make or they don’t eat. TRUE STORY. I have been this way since they were old enough to eat solid food. They learn quick[…]

Salsa Omelet

After a workout it is important to refuel your body. Strength training of any kind breaks down and rebuilds muscle so you need a balanced meal to help recover. Today I didn’t eat directly after my workout which I should have. But I allowed my body to cool down naturally and stop sweating hen hit[…]

I Start Morning With Super Foods!

How do you start your morning? I started mine with Super foods. Usually when I travel my stomach is a hot mess. You know what I mean? Well this time I have stayed on track and maintained my weight even while enjoying my treats. I credit it all to making sure I have my SUPER[…]


I have a new obsession!! Dinner was Sooo good! It is @hellofresh it is a fresh food delivery service. It sends you all these healthy ingredients to you in the mail in a cold packed box. It comes with EVERYTHING you need and Instructions on how to put it all together. This was $69 for[…]

Clean Bison Burgers with Sundried Tomato!

A cleaner spin on the traditional burger.  My boys and my little girl are big fans of burgers.  We do not eat regular beef really.  If we do it is Grass Fed and we know the source.  Here in Austin we like Southern Traditions Farm.  They have great local grass fed beef and are a[…]

Lean Broccoli Chicken Casserole

  We Love Casseroles.  This was a family HIT!   What you need:   1 tablespoon butter (or sub 1 tablespoon olive oil) 1/2 medium size yellow onion, finely diced 1.5 cups quinoa, cooked 1 lb boneless skinless chicken breast, cooked and cubed 2 heads of broccoli or 1 pound salt & pepper, to taste[…]

Healthy Food Options !

Did you know that you CAN have healthier options at Disney? They now have power pack lunches with carrots, yogurt, fruit, and milk for kids and I found a roasted veggie sandwich and if you ask for a gluten free option for bread… They will give it to you. You just have to ask. Yumm.[…]

Paleoish Pumpkin Bread

Here is the recipe for the pumpkin bread that I made this past weekend. It was amazing. I say Paleo-ish because I added coconut sugar. Sugar is sugar regardless but I figure it is a better alternative. You could probably use grade B maple syrup to sweeten the batter also. We actually made our own[…]


Good Morning…Hotel TRAVEL TIP! ASK for a blender and a fridge. I have learned from years of traveling that you can stay on track and save money by asking the front desk for a blender and a refrigerator. Grab a can using Uber & Go to the closest food store. Grab healthy snacks frozen fruit[…]


BLACK BEAN & SWEET POTATO ENCHILADAS!! Delicious!! I have to admit I was a little nervous trying this out. They turned out Amazing!!! So good!! And to make it even better we swapped the tortillas for Zucchini What you Need: Filling: 1 tsp oil 1/2 yellow onion, chopped 1 clove garlic, minced 1 1/2 c[…]

Breakfast Of Lil’ Champions !

Breakfast of Lil’ Champions! Protein waffles and ice cream with fresh fruit. My husband loved waffles and ice cream as a kid so we have passed down the tradition…just cleaned it up a bit. Food should be fun and delicious. I live by the 80% Fit 20% Fun rule. So do my kids. Do you[…]

Hash Brown Casserole !

Who loves hash brown casserole??? ME!! Well this is a cleaner version. The casserole pic looked like a hot mess on the plate so I mashed it up. Of you are not a fan of goat cheese you can use an alternative cheddar instead. I personally love goat cheese. My kids loved it. My husband…not[…]


Healthy, nothing extra added, all natural ingredients that I can read, Pure & Simple honey bar. GO WALMART for adding great healthy snacks for hungry people on the go.

Butternut Squash

Easy dinner idea! Butternut squash. Slice in half brush with oil and roast in a baking sheet sliced side down. About 35 minutes or until skin is browned and squash is tender and soft. Remove and sprinkle with seasoning of choice. I use cinnamon. Serve with 2-3 cups of greens or 15 asparagus spears  

Quinoa Salad!

YUMM….Quinoa Salad! SHARE the goodness!     Easy peasy lunch. Toss cucumbers tomatoes beans peppers Himalayan salt, vinegar, a dash of oil cilantro and a little lime juice over quinoa and again over some greens. Delish!

Grill for dinner

Grilling for dinner?? Sure! SHARE THE IDEA and let’s have a grilling party. No matter what the weather…firing up the grill is always a great option.     Buy a lean grass fed beef sirloin or filet and dice it up. Chicken or shrimp work well too. Add a few multicolor peppers and onions maybe[…]