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Holiday Health Bet

  Nov. 20th – Dec. 31st   Bet on Yourself this Holiday Season. Are you looking for some support with keeping up your healthy lifestyle this holiday season.  Staying the course is all about making a commitment to yourself to make the modifications in your choices, thoughts, and actions when it comes to your food[…]

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday…I have so many amazing ones today!!! Sorry for blowing up your feed but when you are excited about how amazing these people are…I just CAN NOT wait to share! HIT like for a virtual high five!! Meet Denise! She is in her 40’s she was just not happy or healthy and decided to[…]

Transformation Tuesday!

Transformation Tuesday!! I have a few great ones coming you way today!!! Check out Jannie! She lost 156 pounds since last July when T25 came out. You go girl!!! You can vote for any of the challenge contestants and see their amazing stories by clicking the link in the comments below.

Be In Love with Your LIFE

Life doesn’t always go the way that you plan. When you adapt to the ever changing circumstances of everyday life , take on the “I Love MY Life” attitude, and learn to LOVE yourself enough to take care of your mind body and soul….you learn to love YOUR life, every minute of it. Even when[…]