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What will you do with your future? Will you choose to survive or will you choose to succeed? If you choose to succeed, and decide to prosper, and commit to focused goals, ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE, Because you were born to succeed, Your best can still be in fern to you. The future is in your[…]


Ability is what you are capable of doing Motivation determines what you do Attitude determines how well you will do itYOU can do whatever you set you mind to do, take the time to learn how to do, and believe that you are capable of doing. It takes practice, positive mind, and a stronger every[…]

Crush The Arm Flab!

Wanna c? Try out this move you can do at home to start chiseling out those triceps and under arm area. You don’t need any equipment. Do as many as you can 3 times OR do 3 sets of 10. Let me know what you think. It’s not as easy as it looks BUT it’s[…]

Killing Time At The Airport!

Oh you know…killing time at the airport. An empty set of stairs made for a perfect workout. People were cheering us on and We even motivated someone else to do it too. Of Course it is more fun when Quin jumps in. He takes the escalator down. I did this twice since my little videographer[…]

Wake Up Believing In You !

GOOD MORNING!!! Did you Wake up believing in YOU today? Starting new means not just changing the way you look but the way that you think and feel. That all begins with a positive mind set. Kick the negative out of you head. Wake up every morning with the belief that today is going to[…]

How Your Day Will Be ? !!!

Wake up today and decide how your day will be. Ask your self these questions? 1. What am I grateful for today? 2. What is my focus for the day? 3. What are the most important tasks that must be accomplished today? 4. How do I remain centered in the moment? 5. What will I[…]


Saw this yesterday and it is so true. If you lose motivation or fall off track, NEVER GIVE UP! If you made a wrong turn while driving, you wouldn’t keep going in the wrong direction, would you? of course not. You would turn around to get back on the right track to your destination! The[…]

May Challenge Group WINNER!!!

Please help me Congratulate our May Challenge Group WINNER!!! Caroline Palmer!! This girl….let me tell you….I am so so so proud of her. We had many people who showed up daily and got amazing results. Caroline…she was dedicated. She showed up everyday and somedays she doubled up. If she ever missed a day she made[…]

Yeah, this, is my wish!

“I hope that the days come easy and the moments pass slow, And each road leads you where you want to go, And if you’re faced with a choice, and you have to choose, I hope you choose the one that means the most to you. And if one door opens to another door closed,[…]


LOL! This was me today. In all seriousness…It totally does. Share the yoga love 


LOL. I am happy today. So much to do and feel like a crazy person but…Who else is Happy?? 

Take The Chance!

True. The best things in life happen when you take a chance on the impossible  SHARE! #motivation #inspiration #takeachance #justdoit

My dear friend and teammate, Angela!

I am so excited about this call tonight! My dear friend and teammate, Angela, is stepping out and sharing her journey to finding health and happiness. Angela has grown so much over this past year physically but also as a leader and in her own personal life. She has overcome FEAR in her life and taken[…]


Truth! Share  This is me today. I am procrastinating and doing everything except what I know I should be doing. Time to get up and start moving in the right direction. Just because it is Friday don’t lose sight of your ultimate goal. Do at least 2-3 things on your todo list that will move[…]


Truth! Ultimately, we control out attitude even when it is hard to see through the ugliness of the day.

Transformation Tuesday

Transformation Tuesday…I have so many amazing ones today!!! Sorry for blowing up your feed but when you are excited about how amazing these people are…I just CAN NOT wait to share! HIT like for a virtual high five!! Meet Denise! She is in her 40’s she was just not happy or healthy and decided to[…]


WOW! GOODMORNING! OMG…I sat here this morning listening to an amazing webinar from last night. I am in tears. I have learned that facebook shows us the successes and victories but doesn’t always show you the rough seas that people went through to get there. I myself have been struggling lately in business and my[…]