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Tips to Navigate Your Way Through a Healthy Thanksgiving

::::: Tips to help you Battle the Bulge :::::: ENJOY YOURSELF THIS HOLIDAY SEASON! HAPPY THANKSGIVING!! Did you know the average American adult gains between 5-10lbs from Thanksgiving to New Year’s Day?   I used to be one of them.   Not this year and neither will you. Just because I said “used to”, doesn’t mean that[…]

Crush The Arm Flab!

Wanna c? Try out this move you can do at home to start chiseling out those triceps and under arm area. You don’t need any equipment. Do as many as you can 3 times OR do 3 sets of 10. Let me know what you think. It’s not as easy as it looks BUT it’s[…]

Killing Time At The Airport!

Oh you know…killing time at the airport. An empty set of stairs made for a perfect workout. People were cheering us on and We even motivated someone else to do it too. Of Course it is more fun when Quin jumps in. He takes the escalator down. I did this twice since my little videographer[…]

Summer Fun And Good Times Are Ahead!

The kids and I decided to pack it up and drive 1,600 miles to the east coast and then on to NJ, Maine, and MD. Maybe a PA stop in there too. Daddy is staying at home and we will miss him. Summer fun and good times are ahead! I must have lost my mind[…]

Apples Apples

I LOVE FALL!!! it is my absolute favorite time of year for many reasons. One in particular….HONEY CRISP APPLES!! I never liked apples until I discovered these. They are so sweet and often really big so they are filling too. I make fresh pressed apple juice out of them for the kids as well. Trust[…]

Tips For A Healthier Weekend

GOOD MORNING!!! Here are some tips for success with staying on track over the weekend!! I know it can me hard so just remember, it is the snacks and things you crave now or the body and health that you have been craving for years. Choose wisely and MODERATION is key! 

Basic Lunge !

Move of the day/TIP: Basic lunge 12 reps on each leg (24 total) Repeat 3xs ——————————– Do you do your lunges correctly Tips for when doing lunges: 1 keep the energy in the front leg. 2 keep your toes up on the front foot 3 keep your knee over your ankle 4 keep your shoulder[…]