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Country Heat Transformation

Shout out to my sweet friend Lori Stuart from @fittabulouslife for totally crushing her goals and rocking out the new country heat dance program. She did AMAZING and is still going. Having fun with line dancing and 2 stepping and eating right. I couldn’t be more proud of her. Can’t wait to see you in[…]

5 Years Ago Today!!!!

5 years ago today!!!! Aghhhh!!! Can’t believe it has been 5 years!! This was day 64 of my very first ever transformation & fitness journey. It all started out with an infomercial on TV, me feeling crappy about myself around all these hot young baseball girlfriends, and a little nudge from my friend, Connie, to[…]


LOOK WHAT I FOUND!!! I mean…lets talk about a transformation. It’s a different kind of transformation. The picture on the left was freshman year of college. That was 16 years ago!!! CRAZY!!!! I was so young and soooo tiny. I really had NOT come into my body at all. I was always so small in[…]

Meet Kristin!!

A little motivation for you to help you stay on track this memorial day weekend…With balance of course. I mean….CRAZY right!!! I LOVE to get messages like this. Meet Kristin!! She ordered her first set of workouts 6 months before she truly committed. She did amazing for a few rounds and got some results. Then[…]

Meghan Has Achieved A MAJOR MILESTONE!!!

TEARS!!! and SCREAMS!!! EXCITEMENT!!! and JOY!!!! That is how I am going to explain my emotions this morning. WHY??? Because THIS….THIS GIRL RIGHT HERE…Meghan, has achieved a MAJOR MILESTONE!!! She has officially hit her 100lb weight loss goal. I met Meghan a few year ago in TX and it was last year that she reached[…]

This Transformation Hit Me HARD!!!

This transformation hit me HARD!!! These are the types of things that just send tears streaming down my face. Results of Real people that are changing their lives in so many ways. It is the little things that count the most and the joy and excitement in not only the person making the change but[…]

HUGE SHOUT OUT To My Girl Megan!

HUGE SHOUT OUT to my girl Megan. Megan is a momma and has been working her butt off in challenge groups over the past year to get into some of the best shape of her life. She has done 21 Day Fix, T25, Max 30 and drinks Shakeology every day. She admits that it is[…]


AMAZING!!! I know it’s not Tuesday but I LOVE transformation check in day…which in my world is Monday!! I absolutely just stopped dead in my scrolling tracks when I saw this one In our group. Hard work, dedication, commitment, a plan, 30 min workouts, shakeology, and lots of love and support will get you where[…]

Alana’s Amazing Transformation in just 1 year !

I am sitting here waiting to take care of some paperwork and stuff for the business and crying tears of JOY!!! Complete and utter JOY!!!! Why…because today I was flooded with progress picture from challengers that just sets my heart at a place of peace and happiness knowing how much their lives are changing and[…]

A Little Morning Motivation !

A little morning motivation for you on this fabulous Thursday! Schelly Lost 30 lbs so far with a few rounds of the 21 day fix!!! No magic pills, just good real food, 30 minutes of exercise and shakeology daily. I absolutely love waking up to results and happy posts about people losing weight. Starts my[…]

Transformation !

I absolutely LOVE getting to see the transformations of people in my challenge groups. We recently had someone post about how she was feeling inconsistent and how she has finally found her focus but that she needed support and encouragement. In our group…Ask and you shall receive. I had someone post her journey and where[…]

These Just Keep Coming! I LOVE IT!!

These just keep coming! I LOVE IT!! This girl right here has been busting her butt to get results and after several rounds….a picture speaks way more than my words. I will let her do the talking to tell you all about her amazing transformation. She loved the results and progress so much she has[…]

Congratulations Daniele !

Huge shout out to Danielle from out Mind Body and Soul Challenge which wrapped up on Sunday. Danielle suffered from cervical cancer which caused her to have a hysterectomy in her 20s. If you don’t know…that does a number on your hormones and your emotions as a woman. She had tried so many things but[…]