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Tip for Long Term Success

Give Up The Short-term Mindset “You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough.” — Mae West Successful people set long-term goals, and they know these aims are merely the result of short-term habits that they need to do every day. These healthy habits shouldn’t be something you do; they should[…]

Band Workouts!

Band Workouts…Totally effective and just as tough. Make sure you have a band that has the correct amount of resistance for YOUR strength level and goals. Yes there are different kinds. I will put the link to the one I use below. This move is a lot more tough than it looks. Wrap the band[…]

H.E.A.T Workout!

I am still deciding on what program to follow so I decided to take it back to an old school H.E.A.T workout today. Give it a shot! Ask questions below. Depending on your speed and conditioning…the amount of time t takes you will vary. Give yourself 30 seconds to a minute in between sets. Your[…]

Dumbbell Fly Leg Raises

This move is great for the entire core. Use a lighter weight and do 3 sets of 15. You do NOT need a bench. You can do this on the floor. Keep your back flat against the floor or bench and breathe out as you lower your arms and legs.

Bicycle Crunch Raises

Add a little extra to your bicycle crunches. Try to make the lift and the recline as smooth as possible. It works the entire core at once. Do 3 sets of 10. Its killer. Share this with your friends or on your timeline for later as a reminder! Comment below when you try it and[…]

Great Active Stretch!

My hamstrings have been SOOO tight lately. This is a really great active stretch you can do to help stretch them out. Plank walk out and back.

5 Tips for a Great Day

GOODMORNING BEAUTIFUL!! Rise and Shine! Happy Monday! Its a great day to dig in and get things done. To start a new routine and to make a nee commitment to yourself. Try something new. 5 tips to make today great: Make your bed Workout Drink lots of water Take the stairs Eat something green I[…]


“Look! I wearin workout pants”! TARGET KIDS for the win!!! How cute is this little outfit? Check out target kids and outfit your cutie in some comfy clothes.

Frog Jump!

I LOVE THIS MOVE! Frog jump! Turn your feet out, heels together and keep your shoulders pulled back. Pull in your abdominals and go for a minute. Talk about a leg and booty workout. You will feel it in your core and your back as well. Wowza! No equipment needed. Share, Click like and follow[…]

Abs and Arms

Check out these crazy awesome moves that will work your midsection and your chest at the same time. I love these moves! Do each one for a minute. WATCH for the SPOT at the end Follow Lauren Majewski for more fitness, food, family, & fun! Just like the “like” button for my page! Leave a[…]

Fresh Start!

Every moment of your life including this one is a fresh start. Every choice you make is a choice that will either make you weak or strong. What will you choose to do today? After one week of keeping myself accountable and inspiring myself to stay on track I feel so much better. I feel[…]


BUBBLE BUTT….bubble bubble bubble butt. I am asked more than anything how to get a bubble butt. Well…it is a combo of a whole lot of different things including diet and different types of exercises. Here are a few of my favorite moves that you can do from home. All you need is a stool[…]

Surfside Stair Workout!

GOODMORNING!! Beautiful morning for a surfside stair workout and a run. I found an amazing path with views to die for. I wanted to take in the last day of this beautiful view and the sounds and the smell of the ocean. I feel great and ready to start the day! Did anyone else get[…]

The Ultimate Bench Workout!

The Ultimate Bench Workout ARE YOU READY?!? As promised…THE ULTIMATE BENCH WORKOUT! This is a workout you can do on any bench that will target pretty much every part of your body. Repeat this 3 times! It perfect for those family trips to the park. My kids played red light green light while mommy snuck[…]

Hotel Shoulder Workout!

Hotel Shoulder Workout. Well it’s more a full body workout but I feel it in my shoulders most. All you need is a wall and 2 big water bottles. Sometimes you just have to get creative. Water bottles make great light weights. Gallon jugs make awesome heavy weights. ➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰➰ Repeat AMRAP ✅10 Handstand walk ups[…]


AMAZING TRANSFORMATION!!! I am so excited for my girlfriend. She has just competed her second round of the 21 day fix in our accountability group and has seen some amazing results. She is a newer mom who struggles eating well and finding healthy choices for the whole family. She works full time as a nurse[…]

Find Stability!

“True stability is when order and disorder are balanced. A truly stable life expects the unexpected, is prepared to be disrupted, and waits to be transformed” Always prepare for the unexpected. Don’t expect everything to go as planned and learn to pick and choose your battles wisely and adapt to your surroundings and circumstances. Everything[…]

Meet Kristin!!

A little motivation for you to help you stay on track this memorial day weekend…With balance of course. I mean….CRAZY right!!! I LOVE to get messages like this. Meet Kristin!! She ordered her first set of workouts 6 months before she truly committed. She did amazing for a few rounds and got some results. Then[…]


  SUPERSETS!! A superset is where you do one exercise and then immediately move to the next without resting in between. You take a 2 minute rest in between sets. Here is a superset you can add into your routine for your back and bicep day. Single Arm Dumbbell Row 3×15 ea arm Physio Ball[…]

2 Of My Favorite Oblique Exercises !

So I have been super happy with my obliques and the progress that o have made there. Here are 2 of my favorite oblique exercises that you can do with weights or without. Weighted will get you better results. Push yourself. It’s not supposed to be easy. Do 15 reps on each side. For both[…]