The Scale is a LIAR!! It doesn’t tell you the whole story. Muscle:Fat

Have you ever had that morning where you wake up feeling great about all the hard work you put in to live a healthier lifestyle? You walk over to the scale excited to see the number has gone down….only to see the number has gone up?? My advice to you is to get off the scale!!! Throw it out! Give it to the neighbor or donate it. The negativity that goes along with the higher number will actually cause your body to produce hormones and cause stress which negatively impact your weight loss efforts. You automatically feel like a failure and you say things like, “I give up”, “this isn’t working”, and “what’s the point”. Am I Right?? Be honest with yourself first. Have you been putting in the work? Have you been sneaking “treats” here and there? Or have you been prefect with your attempt to stay on track? Remember Muscle weighs more than fat. Whatever the case may be, look at how your clothes fit? Your measurements? How you look and feel is more important than a number. So ask yourself this question, Do you want the number or the physique? I will go with Physique any day. Trust in what you are doing and make the “tweaks” that need “tweaking”. Your body is changing daily if you are putting in the work. Let it change and don’t let the number on the scale slow that down. YOU GOT THIS!


Here is an Example:

Muscle vs Fat



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