Tips to Avoid the Treats

Do you find yourself around halloween just constantly picking at the “Treats” that are laying around? My son always comes home with bags and bags of candy and cookies from school parties and friends houses around this time of year.  I can’t help but just have one. That one usually turns into 2, or 3, or 5.  This year I am determined to avoid all the “picking” and stick to cleaner options and if I do indulge in a candy treat to just have 1 piece to satisfy the craving.




Here are a few of my tricks to avoid eating all the Halloween candy laying around the house.

1. Buy the candy later in the month and keep it hidden and out of site until day of Halloween (or event)


2. Buy candy you don’t personally like. If you don’t like it you won’t eat it.


3. Once the candy comes home place it in a plastic grocery bag and double or triple knot your bags. When they are harder to get into you will go open it less.


4. Go all out with the healthy holiday treats. Create your own holiday traditions using healthy options like pumpkin and apple flavored treats. Or make a shake or other chocolate flavored protein drink or snack. Eating chocolate peanut butter or chocolate mint protein bars or shakes will satisfy the sweet tooth and fill you up keeping you craving less of the candies.


5. Step away from the candy treats. If you know there is a candy bowl at work or in your home…walk in a direction in which you will avoid it. Place the bowl somewhere that you won’t have to pass it as often.


6. Set goals for yourself to follow on the days that you have events. Just because it is a holiday doesn’t mean you HAVE to indulge. Set a goals such as getting in your workout that day and making healthy food choices. You can also decide to only have 1 piece of candy instead of the whole treat bag. Set goals that will keep you on track.


7. Moderation. If you choose to have a holiday treat then just be smart about it and remember that moderation is key.


8. Once the kids bring the candy home…Let them pick out their favorites and donate the rest to a local dentist who is collecting candy. Just call around and ask. Or donate the candy to daycare or school or have your significant other or a friend take the candy to their work. Just get it out of the house.


I hope that you find these trick help you as well. Have a HAPPY HALLOWEEN!


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