Tri Fitness Challenge

You all have heard me talk about the Tri-Fitness Challenge. This is what started it all for me. My friend Connie got me involved back in 2007 and I have been competing ever since. Tri Fitness is a competition made for everyone of all levels of fitness. Whether you are just learning to do push-ups or you are a triathlete you can do this. It is built to help motivate you and challenge yourself in a friendly, supportive, family environment. You can register for different parts of the competition or you can do the everything. They have a Skills division with Box Jumps, Bench Press and a Shuttle Run.  The main attraction is the Obstacle Course. You can do a fitness Routine composed of dancing, strength holds and tumbling. They offer a Grace & Physique divisions based on age and height. There is also Modeling division where you will have a theme wear outfit and your regular bikini.

Seriously…This is the best environment for those who would like to be involved in a, “LIVE” in person, challenge but are scared that they will not “fit in”. Again, there are so many people of all fitness levels, ages (They have a 50+ division and a kids division), shapes, sizes and strengths. You do not have to be a bikini or figure model to compete.  Everyone here is so encouraging and supportive. Come out and Challenge yourself! You can check out more about the Tri Fitness Challenge or register by clicking HERE. on their homepage.

There is also an additional Team Obstacle Course Run the day after the Tri Fit Challenge that is run on the Beach called Tru Grit! It is a blast and harder as it is done in the sand. It is so much Fun! You can find information on TRU GRIT HERE.



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