Valentine’s Day Faves

Valentine’s Day is coming so I put together a list of a few of the things that I use on the regular when it comes to my workouts, fitness fashion, and function.  Grab something fabulous for yourself or someone else off the list!  Happy Shopping.  Let me know what some of your faves are!  There are links to each of the items below!  Share Away!!





Lauren’s Valentine’s Day Fitness Faves:

  1. Plantronics BackbeatFIT Wireless Headphones:
    I absolutely LOVE these headphones.  They fit comfortably without hurting my ears.  They have a microphone so I can talk if someone calls. They are water resistant and the battery lasts up to 8 hours.  They are the first pair of headphones that I can wear for a long time without them totally killing my ears.  The sound quality is great too.  You may be able to find them for less on Amazon.  Just make sure they are the same model. The red pair is HERE

2 .  Free Thirty Three Yoga Matt:

This Matt is by far my favorite yoga mat. IT is colorful and has a soft texture on the top. It has a rubberized bottom that holds it to the ground. It doesn’t stretch out as I am moving around on it.  Totally worth it. Check out all their options on their site.

3. Circle E Candles:

Every girl needs a fab smelling candle to relax her mind and get her feeling all zen like right?  This one is one of my favorite smells.  It is kinda like the pink sands smell from Yankee Candle.  The candle pictured is the Birds of paradise. There are so many scents to choose from.  These candles are local to me in TX and I am all about supporting local small businesses.  You will love them too.

4. Go Active Water Bottle:

I love a good water bottle that will keep my water COLD without having to keep a ton of ice in there.  This bottle is insulated and has a no slip grip sleeve.  I am not sure why but I am able to drink more water when I drink from a straw.  All my water bottles have a straw for that reason.  Gotta Stay hydrated!  Check out all their fun colors.

5. Trigger Point Roller:

I basically LIVE on my roller.  It helps to work out all the kinks and my knots before and after a good workout.  Having a foam roller is a MUST in my opinion.  Rolling hurts like a “B” but if you breathe through it, I promise you will not regret it.  Trigger point is my absolute favorite roller. I also have a few of their other products.  I have both the small and large rollers.  The one pictured is the large roller.

6. Sparkly Soul Headbands:

Okay… So I hear all the time, “Try this headband, It doesn’t slip”.  Lies! This is the ONLY brand of headband that I have found that actually doesn’t slip back on my head.  This is NOT the Satin version.  My guess is that those would slip.  The velvet on these keeps them in place for an entire day. And…they are sparkly.  Who doesn’t want a little bling while they workout.  But in case you don’t…They have options for you too.

7. Energize Pre Workout Formula:

I call this my mommy crack.  I use this to get me up and moving every morning AND I will chug it down when I need to clean the house or take on a jam packed day.  It is amazing for many reasons.  It is the ONLY pre-workout that I have found that I trust in my house because of its all natural ingredients.  FIRST TIME USER…. start with a half a scoop and see how you do with it.  This is the Tub option which has about 40 servings. You can get it in 10 single serving packets as well.

8. Apple Watch 2:

I recently got a apple watch and I am in love.  It reminds me to breath, has alarms, syncs with my on demand apps and apps like couch to 5K.  It tracks my heart rate without having to wear the chest piece and so much moreI highly recommend it.

9. Glyder Apparel:

I am picky about my leggings.  I like leggings to fit well and have compression.  I want them to make my booty look high and tight. LOL.  They also should be cute, right?  Glyder has some of the cutest outfits.  I am also a big fan of Fabletics.  These Angel Crop leggings stole my heart this February. They fit pretty true to size.

10. Burlybands:

Where are my THICK HAIR girls at?  I have crazy thick hair and finding a good hair tie that doesn’t totally pull my hair out that actually holds my hair in place has been a struggle.  Well, my friend Jericho Matthews told me about these bands and I have been smitten ever since.  I use 2 for a messy bun top not.  Not totally necessary BUT I like it to be snug.  They are fabric without elastic so they will keep your hair safe.

11. B-Lines Resistance Bands:

I travel a lot and I like to take my workouts with me on the go.  I use the Beachbody on Demand Streaming option most of the time while traveling.  When a weight room isn’t available, I use these bands to make sure I am challenging myself in my workouts. They are my favorite because the bands are interchangeable with the different levels of resistance but they are not clips.  They are fun in neon Magenta, red, and pink too.  They are equivalent to 15, 20, and 30 lbs.

12. Shakeology:

I drink Vegan Chocolate Shakeology everyday and have been for years.  It has over 70 superfood ingredients and is a perfect way to ensure that my body is getting all that it needs throughout the day and to help me maintain my health.It is NOT a protein shake, however it has protein in it.  I use this powder to cook with and to make my shakes.  I generally drink it as a supplement to my nutrition after my workout or when I just need something to grab on the go as a healthy option.  As a busy mom, This happens quite a bit.  I do not use it as a meal replacement but it could be depending on your goals.  Reach out to me if you aren’t sure and I will help you figure out how to fit it into your daily meal plan.  I give a half a scoop to my kids daily to help with the picky eater phases and to make sure they stay healthy.  There are many different flavors and ways to make it.  If you decide to try it there is a empty bag guarantee just in case it doesn’t rock your world.  Just send it back for a full refund.  You can try a sample pack of all the flavors HERE.  If you go for the full 30 days I would suggest grabbing the challenge pack with the streaming option so you can test out some workouts for 90 days for FREE while you are at it and save the money on shipping.  Why not right?  Click HERE for the BOD/Shakeology Challenge Pack.


I can’t wait to here what you all love the most and what you decided to buy and add to your fit life.



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